Even in the busyness of the job, the roof made 300+ trees of Madhuban, birds chirping all the time

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Shalini Garg, who hails from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, has been gardening for the last ten years, along with her job. Today, there are more than 300 trees and plants in his terraced garden.

In today’s era, people are so busy to earn a livelihood that they are not able to fulfill their hobbies in the same way. Also, they are unable to pay proper attention to their surroundings. For people, keeping a few saplings in their homes is also a big deal. Because, they feel that along with work, it will not be easy for them to take care of these plants. But, the lady gardener we are introducing to you today, along with her job and family-responsibility, also looks after the beautiful garden on her terrace. They believe that human beings have life only by nature. Therefore, the more greenery in your life, the more positive and happy you will be. We are talking about Shalini Garg, who lives in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Who has been planting trees in her house for the last ten years. He started with only the Tulsi and Money plants. but, Today they have more than 300 trees and plants. They have planted most of the plants with cuttings and seeds. Giving gardening tips to our readers, Shalini says that whatever place is there in your house, you should plant trees accordingly, but definitely.

Shalini’s house is on the third floor and she has planted trees and saplings along her roof, along the stairs and inside the house as well. Talking to Web News Observer , he said, “I am originally from a village near Muzaffarnagar and my father is a farmer. My parents are educated and understand the importance of education. So they paid a lot of attention to my education. After engineering, I also did BBA and MBA and currently, I am working in a good position in a manufacturing company. ”


Gardening Tips
A view of his garden


Trying to save nature: 

Shalini has a wide variety of plants from indoor plants to various flowers. Apart from this, she also grows seasonal vegetables such as tomato, chilli, luffa, brinjal, capsicum etc. She says that she loves flowers and plants very much. Because, because of flowers, different kinds of animals come to your garden. Sparrows are common on their roofs. Creatures such as butterflies, bees and herders also keep visiting them. She says, “I often hear people saying that nowadays the bird does not appear and there is no honeycomb anywhere. After all, what is the reason for this? We should think about how we can keep nature close to us. This is not too difficult to do. Whether you live in the city or in the village, even if you have six to seven plants, you will see some insect or moth. ”

He has also provided food and water for the birds in his garden. He has maintained a good garden, not only in his home but also in his office. She also gives plants prepared from cuttings in her garden in between, to all the people of her acquaintance. All the trees and plants are grown in organic way here in Shalini. She makes compost from the organic waste released from her home. Apart from this, she also uses cocopite and mustard cake.


DIY Gardening Tips
‘Best Out of West’


He further added, “So that the roof does not carry much weight, therefore, I mostly use gro bags instead of pots. I have planted many plants in the planter prepared by cutting large plastic boxes. For this, I use all the empty bottles or containers in the house. Many times, five kg cans of curd are also available from shops. If they are kept empty there, then I buy them at the rate of ten rupees per box. I have made many groves from empty packets of ration. ”

Shalini has to handle the household and family responsibilities along with the job. At the same time, she has also lived up to her gardening hobby. She says about it that if you want to do something, no matter how busy you are, you take time out. For this, all you have to do is make some changes to your routine and the way you work.

Gardening tips for jobbers: 


Gardening Tips
Arranges food grains for birds


For those who are busy in job, Shalini gives only one advice that first of all they should plant trees according to the available space in their house. If you do not have much space, then you can plant plants in the ‘Hanging Planter’ which you can also make from old cartons or bottles. If there is no space outside, keep indoor plants and if there is some space in the balcony, then apply vines of flowers. He further said, “My office remains at half past eight to five in the morning. I reach home at around half past five and come and look at my garden first. I water the plants and then watch my household chores. I spend about an hour in my garden in the morning. Which makes me very happy. ”

* She says, you first start with two to four plants that need less care.

* If you cannot take care of the plants everyday, then plant such plants, in which even if you give water even in four to five days, they are not spoiled.

* If you want to plant vegetables, then you start with tomatoes, green chillies and capsicum. You can plant them with seeds from vegetables brought from the market and they can be planted in small pots.


Gardening Tips
Grow fruits and vegetables


* Try to make compost of organic waste coming out of your house. If you do not have that much time, then you fill water in an old bucket in your kitchen or somewhere else and keep putting organic waste every day in this water. Whenever you are discharged during the week, on the day of wearing gloves in the hands, mash all the peels in the water properly and then filter this water. The solution you have received, mix it in water and add it to the plants.

* If there are more trees and plants on the roof and it is taking too much time to give water, then try to water with a sprinkler.

* In summer you can mulch in pots, this will not require watering again and again. For mulching, you can use the remaining tea leaf after use in the kitchen. Wash and dry the tea leaf thoroughly. After drying you put it in all your pots. By doing this, you will not need to give water again and again, because the tea leaf will retain moisture for a long time.

* For potting mix, you can add cocoapeat and compost to the soil. Before filling the soil in the pots, place some dried neem leaves below. Doing so will not cause fungus in the plants.


Terrace Garden
Birds on their roof


* To protect plants from fungus, cinnamon powder can also be mixed with water and sprayed.

Shalini says that the need is just to start one. Nature has all kinds of plants, just you have to give space to the plants according to your needs. He has also inspired many people to garden in his office and neighbourhood. Along with this, she is also connected to people on Twitter and Instagram and keeps giving them gardening tips. He finally said, “I dry the flowers of my garden and make seeds.” From the cutting of a plant, I prepare many plants and distribute them to the people. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do gardening, just you should come to live your hobby.”

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