Mysore: Library with 11 thousand books were burnt to ashes by miscreants

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A case has been reported of a library set on fire by miscreants in Karnataka. More than 11 thousand books were burnt to ashes by the fire. The fire-burning books include the religious texts Bhagavad Gita, Quran and Bibles, as well as Kannada literature books. The library owner has accused some people of the neighborhood of setting the library on fire.

The case is from Mysore, Karnataka, where 62-year-old Isaac, a cleaning worker, also runs a library. This library of Isaac was for the public. On Friday morning, at 3.50 am, a person living next to the library reported Isaacs to be a fire in the library. On reaching the library, Isaac found that a large number of religious texts in the library, Bhagavad Gita, Quran and Bible were burnt to ashes, and a large number of books of Kannada literature were also burnt.

Library director Isaac has accused some people from the neighborhood of setting the library on fire. Isaac says that he is a fan of Kannada language and at the same time he is working to promote Kannada language. Isaac says that there are some people living in his neighborhood who do not like to promote the Kannada language. According to Isaac, the accused had warned him of the dire consequences many times.

Isaac, a 62-year-old sweeper, was fond of books since childhood. He built a library in a hut so that people and especially children had a habit of reading. Isaac started this library in 2011 in a shed along the road, which was later constructed by Isaac with the financial help of the people. The monthly expenditure on maintenance of the library comes to 8 thousand rupees. The library is visited by about 150 people every day. Books ranging from general knowledge to entertainment were available in the library. In addition, the religious texts had a collection of nearly 1000 copies of the Quran, three thousand copies of the Bhagavad Gita, and copies in several other languages, including the Kannada of the Bibles. Newspapers in 17 other languages ​​including Kannada, English, Tamil, Urdu were also present.

Isaac has lodged an FIR under Section 436 of the IPC at Udayagiri police station in Mysore. Police say that the fire is from a short circuit but according to Isaac there is no electricity in the library.

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