Colonel grow ‘Chia Seeds’ in Barabanki soil, PM praises in Mann ki Baat

Chia seed

It is often seen that people like to relax after retirement. However, there are some people who become more active after retirement and fulfil all their hobbies, which they are unable to do during the job. Today we are going to tell you the story of a colonel retired from the army, who started the cultivation of superfoods like chia seeds farming after retirement. While cultivating it, he became so popular that Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about his farming, in his program, Mann Ki Baat. 

Harish Chandra Singh, who lives in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, is in the news these days by cultivating superfood like Chia seeds. Barabanki cultivates his farm spread over four acres in the Siddhaur block of the district. Harish Chandra Singh, originally hails from Ambedkarnagar. After retiring from the post of colonel in 2015, he decided to try his hand at farming. Along with farming, he is also posted as the District Soldier Welfare Officer of Sultanpur district. 

Cultivation of Chia Seeds is easy 

Chia seeds farming is the highest in China. It is basically a Mexican crop. Regarding this, Harish Chandra Singh says, “Chia seeds are considered a superfood. It is very expensive, which is why I thought about its cultivation. ” 

He told that chia seeds take less time to grow, and their seeds are also easily found. Chia seeds are sown in October at the time of wheat. However, one month before the wheat crop, chia seeds farming is ready. Harish Chandra Singh says, “If you talk about profit, the price of one kg of chia seeds in the online market is around 1500 to 2000 rupees. It costs 75 thousand per bigha to grow chia seeds and you can earn up to two lakh rupees per bigha. ”

Properties of chia seeds

Chia seeds are quite popular in India due to their properties. In such a situation, there is enough demand Regarding this, Harish Chandra Singh says, “If chia seeds are cultivated locally throughout the country, then Indian farmers will benefit greatly. Because of its cultivation, I can say with the claim that this superfood is very much in demand in the market and there is profit in it as well. ”

From dragon fruit to black wheat 

Harish Chandra Singh not only cultivates Chia seeds but also many more superfoods. You will also see a green apple, dragon fruit, black wheat and potato Bukhara in his farm. When the surrounding farmers were doing traditional farming, at that time they decided to cultivate superfoods and fruits instead of traditional farming in one of their fields and this experiment was successful.
After this success, he appeals to the farmers to try their hand at the cultivation of superfood. Giving the example of black wheat, he says, “Normal wheat you sell at a maximum price of Rs. 15 per kg, while the price of black wheat is Rs. 100 per kg.” In such a situation, you can understand how much demand there is for Super Foods. ”

Harish Chandra Singh, is also cultivating black potato these days, which is known as ‘Nawabi’ in Lucknow. Apart from this, there are a total of 500 apple trees in their fields, of which 400 are green apples and 100 are red apples.

Use in farming

Harish Chandra Singh believes that farmers should keep doing new experiments in farming. According to him, this profession will be considered a profitable deal only when it is used. He says, “With farming, if farmers start focusing on their crop by-products, then there will be a lot of benefits. Today, new experiments are being done in every field, so why should agriculture remain untouched? We can experiment with different seeds. There is a need to experiment in farming so that we can do something different from traditional farming. ”

Prime Minister praised

Harish Chandra Singh says, “When Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned my name in the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program, believe me, it boosted my spirits.” I will encourage farmers to do chia seeds farming in future. I wish that farmers across the country cultivate superfood. “

Uttar Pradesh, which was earlier known mainly for growing wheat crops and traditional local crops, there are new experiments in farming by progressive farmers like Harish Chandra Singh, which shows that the picture of farming is changing now. By trying his hand at the cultivation of superfood, Singh has set an example. The Better India salutes his spirit.

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