Ghaziabad: ‘Oxygen Langer’ launched at Gurdwara to save lives of corona patients

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The second wave of the Coronavirus epidemic has caused panic throughout the country. The number of corona infected is also increasing rapidly in the Delhi-NCR region.

Due to this, beds and oxygen shortages have started in hospitals and dozens of patients have also died.

Meanwhile, in view of all these problems, Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha at Indirapuram in Ghaziabad has started ‘Oxygen Langer’ to help corona patients.

Continuous death of patients due to lack of oxygen

Lack of oxygen in the country continues to cause the death of patients. On Thursday, 25 patients died in Delhi’s Sir Gangaram Hospital.

After this, 25 patients died in Jaipur Golden Hospital in the capital on Friday night and six patients died in a private hospital in Amritsar, Punjab on Saturday. .

Similarly, many hospitals in Delhi have appealed for help by warning of exhaustion of oxygen.

Providing oxygen to the people coming – Rummy

According to Gurudwara manager, Gurpreet Singh Rummy said, “We have arranged 25 oxygen cylinders at our own level. This is providing oxygen to the patients coming here.”

He added, “We are not doing the work of delivering or filling oxygen cylinders. We are asking people to come to Indirapuram Gurdwara with their patient in the vehicle and we will provide them oxygen as per the requirement.”

Rummy has promised to provide oxygen to Corona-infected patients until they get beds in the hospital. Due to which long queues of people have started outside the gurdwara. Many people are taking oxygen sitting in their car outside the gurudwara.

Appeal to the district administration to provide 25 oxygen cylinders

Rummy said, “Currently he is providing oxygen to patients with 25 oxygen cylinders. So far, the lives of about 250 Karona patients have been saved, but this cylinder is not enough for 500 patients.”

He further said, “I appeal to the Ghaziabad collector and MP VK Singh to provide us with 20-25 oxygen cylinders for backup. By this, we will save the lives of 1,000 Corona patients.”

Rummy said that in the second wave of the epidemic, labs are worsening. Patients are dying due to a lack of oxygen. Even then, some people are using this epidemic to earn money. This is very unfortunate.

He said that family members of patients can also take time to come to the east to avail services of oxygen langar. After reaching here, the patients will not have to wait.

In view of the shortage of oxygen, the central government has ordered four oxygen tankers from Singapore by air. These tankers are being brought from the Indian Air Force’s C-17 aircraft. Once they arrive, supplies will be made throughout the country.

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