Posting of MLA Shamseer wife: The governor sought an explanation from the VC

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The governor sought an explanation from the VC over allegations that he was in a hurry to appoint PM Sahala. The governor’s action is based on a complaint by the Save University Forum.

The Save University Forum has complained that Sahala is being removed from the UGC HRD Center for permanent appointment as Assistant Director at Kannur University in violation of the Code of Conduct.

At the same time, Asst. Sahala was of the view that it was up to the university to explain the appointment of the director only.

During the controversy, Dr Sahala had said that he was being hunted because he was the wife of an MLA and that he had attended the interview because he was qualified enough.

I can go if I qualify. It’s up to you. It is up to the university to decide who to elect. I have not received any special benefits yet. Each was achieved through hard work. I find the opposition’s allegation that she gets such benefits because she is Shamsir’s wife very funny. I say that to sit at home with sansirinre portraying his wife .

Dr. PM Sahala

About 30 people, including Dr PM Sahala, were interviewed.

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