Mumbai Cops who sent cake on a woman’s birthday: The reason is heartbreaking


On the day of a woman’s birthday, Mumbai police sent a cake. There is an amazing reason behind this move by the police. For the same reason, this work of the police is highly praised.

Birthday is a unique moment in everyone’s life. Everyone loves to spend the day happily with their loved ones. However, due to the corona, there is no such thing as a homecoming. The best thing to do is to stay in their home as much as possible from a safety standpoint. This is also an urgent need today.

The second wave of Kovid is now in full swing. Especially in Maharashtra, coronavirus is increasing day by day. Thus, all programs that are too crowded are restricted. The police are also keeping people out of the house unnecessarily. In addition, social media is also telling people about safety. Here is evidence of that.

Mumbai Police have sent a birthday wish to a woman. There is a reason why the police send the cake. Samita Patil celebrated her birthday on April 22. Today everyone wished him well. Friends had even asked for a birthday party. However, Samita refused to give the party. Also, there is a `lockdown. Stay home and stay safe.

Meanwhile, a person recently asked a question to the official Twitter of Mumbai Police. His question was, “What sticker should I use for a vehicle to meet friends this weekend?” In response, the police sent a message saying, “Stay home and stay safe.” Behind the message, Samita had taken a screenshot of the message she had sent to her friends and shared it with the Mumbai police Twitter account.

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