Weekend Curfew in Karnataka: What’s up?, What’s not?

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BENGALURU: The Weekend Curfew has been enacted in the state to control the coronavirus, which is getting tens of thousands of people in the country without getting hold of it. The weekend curfew will be in effect in Karnataka from 9 pm to 6 pm on Monday. What will be available in the state before you leave the house? Know what has been cancelled.

Weekend curfew in the state: What’s up? What’s not?

In schools, colleges and coaching institutes weekend curfew, closed at the time. Online and distance learning is allowed. In addition, cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, yoga centres, spas, sports complexes, stadiums, swimming pools, amusement parks, theatres, bars, halls, and assembly halls are closed. However, swimming pools approved by the Swimming Federation of India are open for player training. Sports events are also allowed, but no spectators.

The temple is closed, liquor stores are open:

During the weekend curfew, all social, political and religious ceremonies are also banned. Religious places are closed to the people, but people who are involved in the functioning of the temple are able to perform rituals. At the same time, restaurants are only allowed to be removed. That is, people cannot sit there and eat. The parcel is allowed to be taken.

The state government has made it clear that during the curfew, weddings will be allowed, but only 50 people will be able to attend. At the same time, more than 20 people are unable to attend the funeral. Liquors and bars are open, but there is no room to sit and drink.

According to the guidelines, all construction activities are allowed. Industries or industrial firms or manufacturing units can continue their operations by following the COVID-19 rules. However, to reach the organization, employees need to show their iCard. Banks, insurance offices and ATMs are also open. The barbershop, salon, beauty parlour can carry out their activities by following Corona rules. All private offices can be opened with minimal staff. But only 50 per cent of staff in all government offices will be allowed.

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