Succulents: grow easily, yet they need some care, know tips here

How To Care For Succulents

Succulents do not require much care but wherever they are, they definitely enhance the beauty of the place.

It is often seen that those who have a special attachment to trees and plants, think of bringing many plants from the nursery and growing them in the house. Some people also bring it. But he is so busy with home and office work that sometimes he forgets to water the plants, sometimes he composts. Gradually the plants begin to deteriorate and dry up. And then you think it is not easy to grow plants at home. Many of us can have this experience. But you do not have to be disappointed. Today we will tell you about a variety of plants that do not require much care, but wherever they are, they definitely enhance the beauty of the place. These plants are called Succulents.

We can often see these plants placed in small pots placed in the balconies of a large office or hotel or home. They look very beautiful. The leaves of some plants are slightly different and thick in appearance and look very beautiful. Their shape and texture spread so beautifully that we often forget to consider it as an artificial plant.


How To Care For Succulents


What are Succulents after all?

Succulents mean juice. Plants whose parts, whether leaves or stem or the root, store water and food, we call them succulent. These plants store and use water within themselves when they do not get food or water.

Home Gardener from Jaipur, Priya Agarwal specializes in growing such plants. Priya has been doing home gardening for the last 6 years. Priya says, “All the credit for my interest in gardening goes to my mother, Aruna Agarwal. Mother has been doing gardening for the last 30 years. He is interested in kitchen gardening and my indoor gardening and succulent plant. ”

Priya says that there are between 70 and 80 different kinds of plants in her garden, including many varieties of succulents. He never kept a gardener or any outsider to take care of them, but instead looks after the plants himself. Priya, along with her mother, is also running a YouTube channel called Hungarian Vacation to share important and interesting information related to gardening.


How To Care For Succulents


Priya says that compared to other plants, it is a little easier to keep a succulent plant at home. She says, “These plants require less water and a little less care. You just have to walk by holding a technic and these plants beautify our house for a long time. ”

Priya says, if you are growing it for the first time, there are some basic things that need to be known. Let me know from Priya that what is important to keep in mind to keep these plants at home.

Plant and pot


How To Care For Succulents


Always buy healthy plants. That is, while bringing the plant home, make sure that its leaves are not broken or gully. If you bring home broken and damaged plants, then they are more likely to dry up. Secondly, always buy plants keeping in mind the climate of your place. If the temperature here is warm and you choose a plant that grows in a cool place like Nainital, then it will be a bit difficult for you. Such plants will have to be taken care of a little more. In the beginning, buy similar plants that can grow well in your climate.

The choice of pot for the plant should also be correct. If there are small plants, then the pot should also be according to it, so that its beauty will be fully enhanced. Also, keep in mind that the pot should be such that water does not stop. There is a fear of deteriorating the plant due to stagnant water.


Keep the succulent plants indoors or outdoors, they need sunlight. If you are going to see them indoors, keep them near a window or near the balcony where they can get enough light and sunlight. You can guess whether the plants are getting the right sunlight or not by looking at their leaves. Leaves of some plants get scorched or the colour of the leaves turn brown due to being in too much sunlight. On the other hand, if there is less sunlight, the colour of these plants fades and more gaps are seen between the leaves. These plants are known for their complexion, so they should be kept in a place where they get adequate sunlight.



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Succulents: grow easily, yet they need some care, know tips here 7


Succulents require less water than other plants, so these plants are best for those who have to stay away from home for long periods of time in connection with work. As these plants store their food and water, these plants can remain safe even for 15 days without giving them water. They need water according to the season. These plants require a little more water in summer than in winter. Make sure the soil is not wet before watering the succulent plants. If you water again and again in wet soil, its roots start to deteriorate and rot.

Potting Mix

The roots of these plants are very soft, so they need a potting mix from which the water can drain easily. For this, a potting mix is ​​required which is a little porus ie cheddar, soft, and does not hold water. There are different potting mixes available in the market for these, which you can buy. Or you can also prepare it at home by mixing a good amount of cocopeat, perlite, gravel and vermicompost. It also provides necessary nutrition to the plants and they stay with us for a long time.



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  1. Never water with force in the succulent plants, this can spoil the roots of the plants. Slowly water with a straw. If the water remains on the leaves, it can melt, so after giving water, wipe it with a clean cloth.
  2.  If you ever see that the leaves of the plant are melting from any corner, immediately cut and remove the leaf. This will prevent your plant from being completely destroyed.

So keep these things in mind and decorate your house with beautiful Succulents.

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