‘We are with India in the fight against Covid’; Singapore with oxygen

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New Delhi: Singapore has extended a helping hand to India as the spread of COVID continues to escalate. Four emergency oxygen containers were exported by Singapore to India in an emergency. The Indian Air Force plane is expected to arrive in Delhi soon from Singapore with oxygen containers.

‘We are with India in the fight against COVID. Four cryogenic oxygen containers were sent to India this morning as a matter of urgency through a joint venture with the two countries. The containers were loaded on an Indian Air Force aircraft.

Singapore Diplomatic Mission Tweet

Twenty COVID patients died today at a Delhi hospital following a medical oxygen shortage. Twenty critically ill patients died at the Jaipur Golden Hospital. The medical director of the hospital said that there was a severe shortage of medical oxygen in the hospital. DK Baluja said. More than 210 patients were hospitalized until 10.15 am on Saturday. But he says the hospital only has medical oxygen for more than 45 minutes.

Golden Hospital was due to receive 3,600 litres of oxygen on Friday evening. But 1500 litres of oxygen was received by 12 noon on Friday night. In Delhi, where the spread of COVID is rampant, there is a severe shortage of medical oxygen and beds in hospitals. In 24 hours, 348 deaths and 24,331 new cases were reported in Delhi. Meanwhile, the Delhi government has sanctioned medical oxygen to Bandra Hospital in case of an emergency. Maharashtra has the second-highest rate of COVID disease after Delhi.

In the last 24 hours, 3.32 lakh COVID cases have been reported in the country. This is the highest daily rate of illness ever. With this, the total number of patients has reached 1.63 crores. The country has recorded 2263 deaths today. With this, the number of deaths due to COVID has reached 1.87 lakh in the country. Most hospitals in the country are facing severe oxygen shortages.

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