‘India needs strong government, Modi can go back and open a tea stall’; Social media reminiscent of an old post

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s old tweet has been leaked on social media in the wake of India’s severe Covid-19 crisis. Modi tweeted that India needs a strong government and that he can go back and start a tea shop. Modi tweeted this in April 2014. As the Covid-19 situation worsens in the country, protests against the central government are intensifying. Modi’s tweet comes at such a juncture.

Sharing the tweet ‘I totally agree with you for the first time.’ Youth Congress state general secretary Rahul Mankoottam wrote on Facebook.
Some commented that if this was the situation in India when the BJP ruled for seven years, then India would disappear from Asia after seventy years.

The other day, actor Siddharth shared a screenshot of the same tweet. ‘I agree with everything he says in this tweet. Can you believe it? ‘ Siddharth tweeted.

Along with this, the Facebook post of Congress MLA VT Balram in 2017 was also discussed. “Congress-free India will be like an oxygen-free hospital,” Balram wrote on Facebook.

Covid has been confirmed by 3.49 lakh people in the country in the last 24 hours. 2767 Covid patients also died. For the fourth day in a row, the number of Covid confirmers in India has crossed three lakh per day. The death toll has crossed 2,000 for the fourth day in a row. Since April 15, the number of Covid patients in the country has crossed two lakh per day.

So far, the total number of Covid cases in the country has reached 1,69,60,172. The total death toll rose to 192,311. There are currently 140,85110 active cases in the country. Another 2,17,113 people were cured yesterday. To date, 14,09,16,417 people in the country have received the Covid vaccine.

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