‘Oxygen plant costs Rs 56 crore, Center allocates Rs 160 crore for 161 plants’; SK Sajeesh reply to BJP leader who told false figures

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CPI (M) leader SK Sajeesh on Monday slammed the BJP’s claim that it had spent crores of rupees on the construction of an oxygen plant from the PM’s care fund. Sajeesh exposed the vulgarity by exposing the widespread propaganda by BJP leaders that they had spent Rs 160 crore from the PM care fund to build 161 plants. 160 crore for 160 plants means that less than Rs. 1 crore has been sanctioned for one plant. But Sajeesh explained that the construction of an oxygen plant would cost an average of Rs 56 crore. SK Sajeesh’s figures were in response to Yuva Morcha leader Ragendu’s claim that the Center had allocated huge sums of money for oxygen plants.

Sajeesh explained that the oxygen plant built under the leadership of KMML cost Rs 56 crore. With so many crores needed, the plant is allocating less than Rs 1 crore per head. Although funds have been sanctioned for 160 plants, only 33 plants will be set up. He said the BJP was deceiving its own conscience by making misleading figures.

Sajeesh also responded to the BJP’s allegation that Kerala was riding roughshod over the Center, which had promised to provide free vaccines to everyone in Kerala. Anyone with humanity would believe that the centre should give the vaccine for free. That is the duty of the Center. If you do not give up, we know how to find it. That is why there is a government here. The centre that can produce the vaccine at a cost of Rs 600 crore is lying in the dust in Tamil Nadu. Tell the central government not to play with the lives of the people. Vaccine makers say they want super-profits. Sajeesh added that the government should not be a traitor when people die without getting oxygen.

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