The lockdown in Delhi has been extended for another week


The lockdown announced in Delhi has been extended for another week following the COVID expansion. The decision comes at a time when the number of COVID patients is not declining and hospitals are overcrowded.

‘The coronavirus is still wreaking havoc in the city. The public opinion is that the lockdown should be extended. So the lockdown is being extended for a week,” said Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. COVID positivity rates range from 36 to 37 per cent. Kejriwal said this was unprecedented.

Kejriwal said the number of patients per day had dropped from 28,000 to 24,000 last week but the condition of hospitals remained unchanged.

‘We have failed to deliver oxygen to some places. Succeeded in some places. The situation will be under control in the next few days, ” said Arvind Kejriwal.

The Center has increased the oxygen quota for Delhi from 480 MT to 490 MT. However, there are obstacles to getting it. The requirement is 700 metric tons. We get 330 to 335 metric tons of oxygen,” Kejriwal said.

The Delhi government has also launched a website on oxygen management. The website should state how much load the oxygen supplier has given to the oxygen hospitals. Hospitals should also update this website every two hours on how much of the available medical oxygen is used.

Kejriwal said it would help the government understand the depletion of oxygen in hospitals earlier and take action. Kejriwal said he had written to all the state chief ministers in the country asking them to provide oxygen and had started discussions with some states.

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