Kochi: High court stops appointment of AN Shamseer wife

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The High Court has blocked the appointment of Dr Shahala, the wife of AN Shamseer MLA, at Kannur University. Assoc. The High Court has ruled that Professor Taski should not have a permanent law until May 7.

On April 16, 30 candidates were interviewed for the post. This included Shahla, the wife of Shamseer MLA. Candidate Bindu had approached the High Court alleging that there was a move to appoint Shahla beyond the norms. The petition alleges that there was a vested interest behind conducting the interview in violation of even the election code of conduct.

The Save University Forum had submitted a letter to the governor alleging that there was a move to appoint Shahla through the back door.
The Save University Forum has complained that Sahala is being removed from the UGC HRD Center for permanent appointment as Assistant Director at Kannur University in violation of the Code of Conduct. The Vice-Chancellor of Kannur University was cordoned off at KSU house yesterday in protest of the incident.

The notification for the post of Assistant Director, HRD Center, Kannur University has been issued on June 30, 2020. Although the posts in the HRD Center are temporary as per the UGC provision, the State Government had given special permission to the University to create a permanent post of Assistant Director. Asst. Only the appointment of the director is done in a hurry. It is alleged that the notice for conducting the online interview was emailed to 30 applicants.

At the same time, Shahla’s response on the subject was that she could go anywhere for an interview if she qualified. Sahala also asks if she can be a homemaker as she is Shamseer’s wife. Shahla had said that she was being hunted because she was the wife of an MLA.

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