This Inventor gets the idea: After seeing the water flowing from the tank


M. Manihar Sharma, living in Imphal, Manipur, is only tenth pass. However, he has made several inventions, such as ‘Automatic pump operating system’, ‘Innovative dryer’, ‘Incense stick making the machine’, ‘Solar silk reeling the less spinning machine’ etc.

“Nothing is invented or thought in the same way. In childhood, every child grows up and thinks of becoming something and keeps trying for it. The only difference is that this desire of some people ends gradually with time, then some people keep their different thinking and desire to do something with them for life. I am probably from the same people. Therefore, till now I keep trying to do something new. While playing in childhood, all our friends used to collect the things junk lying in their homes. Then I used them to make new toys. I did not know what the invention or innovation was then, ”says 76-year-old M Manihar Sharma of Imphal in Manipur.

Once an assistant to an auto driver, mechanic and doctor, Manihar Sharma is today recognized as an inventor. He has been awarded the National Award for his innovation by the National Innovation Foundation. For his innovation, he has also received grants. Manihar, who had studied only till 10th, lived in poverty, but he never gave up. He has so far created ‘Automatic Pump Operating System’, ‘Innovative Dryer’, ‘Incense Stick Making Machine’, ‘Solar Silk Reeling Cum Spinning Machine’.

Talking to The Better India, he told that he was eighty-nine years old when his mother died. Subsequently, he was adopted by his aunt. He has faced many troubles in his life, but never gave up and kept making different kinds of machines. Further, he plans to work on new inventions.


Manipur Innovator
Manihar Sharma showing his innovation to former President Pranab Mukherjee


The first innovation was done to see water flowing from the tank: 

He says that at one of his doctor friends, he worked as an assistant. He continued, “He used to see patients at his house in the morning and then go to the hospital. He needed help to handle patients in the morning, which I would do. One day he was delayed in arrival. Then he told that there was no water in the tank of the house, then he had to bring water from the pond to take a bath. This was because there was no one in his house during the day, who should fill the tank when the electricity comes. Hearing his problem, I said that I will definitely give you a solution to this problem. ”

However, it was several months and Manihar got busy with his works. But, one day he was going somewhere with his same friend. They noticed that too much water was flowing from a house tank. The owner of the house probably forgot to turn off the motor. This disturbed him that the water shortage was increasing and a little carelessness could increase this problem further. Then they decided that they would have to do something. In 1997, he produced the first prototype of his ‘automatic pump operator’.

But due to financial troubles, he could not take this innovation on a large scale. He said that he used to do different types of work to run a house. Sometimes he used to be a mechanic and sometimes he used to drive an autorickshaw. Along with all this, he also tried to work on many of his ideas. Therefore, it took him a long time to complete almost every innovation and make it available to the people. His ‘automatic pump operator’ was supported in 2005 by the Manipur Science and Technology Council.


Manipur Innovator
Automatic pump operator


After addressing the economic problem, he focused on solving technical problems. For this, he also did a training course from the ‘Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology ‘. He says that he learned the ‘plastic moulding technique’ here. After about 15 years of hard work, he made seven models of ‘automatic pump operator’, which work in different ways. He added, “This operator works from a control panel. As soon as the water in the house tank goes below one level, the pump turns on automatically and the pump stops as soon as the tank is full. ”

For this innovation, Manihar was awarded the National Award by the National Innovation Foundation in 2009. Subsequently, he also made a special ‘Innovative Dryer’ to dry dehydrate fruits and vegetables and then also manufactured ‘Incense / Incense Stick Making Machine’. He has a small workshop in his house, where he works on all his ideas.


Manipur Innovator
Dryer Machine and Incense Stick Making Machine


Made Solar Silk Reeling Cum Spinning Machine: 

Manihar said, “Most of the women in Manipur are involved in silk work and it takes a lot of time to fill and cut silk thread in hand bobbins. Therefore, for this work, many types of machines are also available in the market. However, electricity is very less in rural areas and small towns. Because of that, it is not easy to work with machines. ” To find a solution to this problem, Manihar built a solar-powered solar spinning less spinning machine. He has also received a National Award for his machine.

With this machine both silk ‘reeling’ and ‘spinning’ can be done simultaneously. His machine is environmentally friendly and economical. It can be used very easily. This machine can run with both solar energy and electricity. Along with being small in size, the weight of this machine is also low and it can be carried anywhere. Also, it is suited for all types of silk.

If someone has more silk work, he can set up a ‘domestic unit’ (domestic unit) instead of buying a machine. It comes with three or five machines according to your requirement. The cost of a five-machine unit is 70 thousand rupees and the cost of a three-machine unit is 46, 800 rupees. At the same time, the price of a machine is 11 thousand rupees. Manihar says that he has sold around 80 machines so far and is constantly getting orders for this machine.


Manipur Innovator
Solar Silk Reeling cum Spinning Machine


Dr. Nithin Maurya, Coordinator and Scientist of ‘NIF Guwahati Cell’ in the North-Eastern states, says, “Manihar Sharma takes a very deep look at the problems around him and then finds solutions to them. Despite the many difficulties in life, his desire to do something for the people has not diminished at all. He has been awarded the National Awards twice and NIF has filed a patent for three of his inventions, of which he has got a patent for ‘Innovative Dryer’. ” He further states that NIF is helping them to develop and market their machines at a good level.

Manihar Sharma says that he has met many people in his journey, due to which he has reached here. Further, he plans to create something new for the people. Also, he advises everyone to understand their ideas and work on them.

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