‘The Centre can be blamed for lack of oversight’: Muraleedharan

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Union Minister V Muraleedharan said that you can blame the Center for lack of oversight in the extreme situation of COVID-19. But Muraleedharan said the Center only has the power to oversee and it is not up to him to check whether there is such a lack of oversight.

‘There was a mistake in the planning of the state government. I am worried about Kerala. The central government has to worry about the country. Pinarayi Vijayan is responsible when Kerala gets better and Kejriwal blames the Center when there is a mistake in Delhi. How to fix it. Either the responsibility of all the states lies with the Center or the responsibility of all lies with the State Government. Then the centre is also responsible for what is good in Kerala.

The Center is funding all the projects. The same thing was done with the wax. If there is a problem in Delhi, Kejriwal is responsible for it. When it comes to Pinarayi in Kerala, Narendra Modi in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Delhi. Is Narendra Modi taking responsibility for a few states? There is not even a single scheme implemented directly by the Central Government in the Health Department. The centre is paying. You could say the centre lacks oversight. It has only the power to do so. You do not have the permission required to post. ‘ Muraleedharan said.

Muraleedharan accused the mega-vaccine fairs in the state of human rights violations and said that the central government could set up a system to charge Rs 250 for vaccination and distribution of vaccines in private hospitals so that the people would not be inconvenienced.

But Muraleedharan asked why the government, which wants to strengthen public health and public education in Kerala, is giving so much importance to the private sector, ignoring the public health sector.

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