Water for Voiceless: a campaign started seven years ago to feed water to destitute animals


Jain Sunny, living in Tumkur, Karnataka, started the Water For Voiceless campaign about seven years ago to feed water to destitute animals.

To do something good, it is not necessary that you do something very big. Your small tasks can also be important for society and the environment. Such as providing food and water for birds or feeding and drinking water to the animals of your street. With these small steps, you can help many animals and you will also be relieved to do something good. As is done by 35-year-old Jain Sunny of Tumkur.

Sunny, a resident of Tumkur, Karnataka, is a pharmacist by profession and also, she is a ‘ water for voiceless ‘ running a ‘ campaign. About seven years ago he started this campaign in Tumkur alone, but today the initiative has reached almost ten cities. Hundreds of volunteers are taking this campaign forward with them. A small initiative would turn into such a big campaign, he did not even think it himself. Sunny started her work from house to house by distributing pots/utensils to people, in which people can store water for animals outside their homes.

Today he and his team have distributed about 25000 large water vessels to the people so that water can be made available for animals and birds as much as possible. Especially in this summer season, when humans feel thirsty every moment, then think of unique animals.


Water for Voiceless


How it started: 

Sunny says, “It is not that I am a very big ‘animal lover’, but about seven years ago, one day a puppy got an accident with my car. I went to the hospital with him but could not save his life. The accident shook me in, and I was in shock for three to four months to see what happened to me. Then one day while going to work, I saw a dog drinking water from the gutter. Seeing that scene, I was determined that I should do something for these idiots. ”

He first started from his home and filled a small pot of water with water and kept it outside the house. But this was not enough. So they started distributing utensils in their neighbourhood homes and requested them to also keep the water-filled for the idle. On seeing this, his drive also reached social media and more and more people started joining him. Some people had to explain to them, then there are some people who themselves came forward and started working with them.


Water for Voiceless


Such as Praful Moun of Bengaluru, who is running this campaign in Bengaluru city. Praful, 46, has her own business and spends all her free time on the ‘Water for Voiceless’ campaign. He told, “The initiative taken by Sunny Ji impressed me a lot. We see in cities that people feed destitute animals but no one thinks about water. As urbanization has taken place, natural water sources have decreased. Due to this, the problems of animals have increased. So it is our responsibility now that not only humans but no animals also remain thirsty. ”

He further explained that his team distributes utensils for water according to the region. He has two types of utensils – a large one, which he keeps mostly in the forest area because animals like elephants, deer, donkeys also drink water there. At the same time, small utensils are kept in residential areas, where dogs, cats, goats etc. drink water. Some people associated with the campaign and some donors provide financial help to distribute these utensils free of cost. “It is not that our work is finished by just telling people or giving them utensils. We have formed a volunteer team for this purpose to spread awareness among people and distribute utensils, as well as notice that people are filling water in these utensils and destitute animals are drinking water from them, ”he said. Told further

The campaign reached many cities: 


Water for Voiceless


After Tumkur and Bengaluru, the expedition has also reached places like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hosur, Bellary, Hyderabad and Goa. Sunny says that due to local newspapers and social media, his campaign has moved out of his city and reached other places as well. People approached him and started asking him to join them. Ganpati Subramaniam, 36, who handles the project in Chennai and Delhi, says, “In 2017, I joined Sunnyji’s campaign from Chennai. Earlier this campaign was not a name. But as this initiative started reaching other cities, it was felt that this initiative must have some name. In 2018, it was named ‘Water for Voiceless’. Also, we created a team of volunteers to increase the work in different cities. ”

Volunteers of Water for Voiceless go to different places and tell people about this campaign. After this, utensils are distributed to keep water in the people and follow-up is taken regularly from them. In addition, his team also works with colleges, forest departments and corporates. He said that he has provided water for animals in two-three forests also. Apart from this, people are also being made aware to keep water for destitute animals at school-colleges, companies and other public places.


Water for Voiceless


In many places, local police stations, grocery store owners and general vegetable sellers have also come forward for this campaign. Sunny says that he has gained recognition across the country for this work. Moreover, he has also received honours from Taiwan country for this work. He says, “It is my endeavour to do such things as feeding and feeding animals, arranging water for them, planting trees and trees – all these should be a part of school-college activities. Students should get numbers for these activities. In this way, we will be able to develop good habits from an early age, which are very important. So if any school-college teacher is reading about our work, then my only request is that you take this campaign among your students at your level. ”

And finally, he appeals to the people, “The country is going through very difficult circumstances. Lockdown has also taken place in many places and the closure of everything will have the most impact on these unruly animals. Therefore, you are most requested to keep water for these destitute animals in any kind of pot outside your house. If you want, you can connect with us through Facebook, Instagram and further this campaign in your village-city. Remember that the investment of goodness never goes to waste. So just focus on doing good and sleep at night with the comfort that you have done a noble cause. ”

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