If you think you can count, it won’t happen; Kunhalikutty assured victory to the UDF


Muslim League leader PK Kunhalikutty said a pro-UDF trend in the state and exit polls were futile. Kunhalikutty said the trend was similar to that of the last parliamentary result and that contradictory polls showed the UDF’s potential.

Kunhalikutty’s response

The parliamentary elections had many results. But the UDF saw the wave. Still, activists said the UDF would be swept away. That is what is happening in this election as well. In all the constituencies where UDF activists are showing great confidence, the exit polls are the opposite. Ask 250 people from where there are 1.5 lakh voters, but it is nonsense. The principal of the exit poll is different. Samples of age, education and background should be taken and its credibility stated. A few companies took the survey and asked if they had a motive. The UDF has the same shape as the parliamentary elections. Then the survey went wrong and today it goes wrong. The UDF will win.

UDF activists and voters should not be deceived by these surveys. Should be in the counting hall until the end. Earlier, work was done on falsifying postal votes and rewriting counting votes. UDF activists must be vigilant.

There is a plan to defeat by counting ten or fifteen votes. If so, UDF activists should be vigilant. Surveys are a waste of time. People should not misunderstand this. Surveys are contradictory.

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