Corona: Test report is not mandatory for hospitalization; new guidelines issued


The country is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the second wave of Corona infection these days. In many places, the situation has become so bad that patients lose their lives due to a lack of beds and oxygen in hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has issued new guidelines regarding recruiting patients in Covid care centres.

It is not mandatory to have a positive report to be admitted.

The new guidelines state that it will no longer be mandatory for a person to show a positive report for the corona test to be admitted to a covid care centre.

Suppose a person has not had a test report and is seeing signs of an epidemic. In that case, he will be admitted to a separate ward of a Covid care centre, a dedicated Covid health centre or a dedicated Covid hospital. Judging by the severity of the symptoms, it will be decided.

Treatment can be done in any city.

The guidelines also state that the corona infected will not be denied treatment under any circumstances. This will also apply to life-saving drugs and medical oxygen even if he is a resident of another city.

The hospital will not be able to refuse admission due to a lack of documents.l4420210508163236

The Ministry of Health has said that no patient with coronavirus would be denied recruitment because he has not produced any necessary identity card or document. Similarly, patients will not be sent back after being told that they are from another city.

It is written in the guidelines that hospitals will have to recruit all the corona infected as per the requirement.

Such complaints were coming in front.

Significantly, there have been complaints over the years that seriously ill patients are not being admitted to hospitals due to a lack of corona test report, which causes them to suffer.

Similarly, many states have also made their policies regarding the recruitment of patients, due to which people had to face difficulties.

Now the government has issued new guidelines for the entire country.

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