Bihar: More than 40 dead bodies found floating in Ganga


Dozens of bodies have been found floating on the banks of the Ganges river in Buxar, Bihar, amid the second wave of the Coronavirus epidemic in the country. The villagers were agitated after seeing such a large number of dead bodies.

Police and administration officials arrived at the information and saw the dead bodies.

Officials said that these bodies have come from Uttar Pradesh and not from Bihar. Police have started an investigation.

Villagers found dead bodies floating on the Ganges Ghat in the morning

According to Web News Observer, at the Mahadev Ghat in Chausa, Buxar, the first few people saw the floating dead bodies in the morning at the Mahadev Ghat. Shortly there was a pile of dead bodies. Due to this, a crowd of villagers gathered on the spot.

During this time, a villager made a photo and video of the dead bodies and uploaded them on social media. After the video and photo went viral, the officials got up, and the top officials reached the spot.

Dead bodies have come from Uttar Pradesh – Vikas Kumar

Chausa’s development officer Ashok Kumar said that about 40-45 bodies had been found. They all flowed from different places and came to Mahadeva Ghat. 

He said that these bodies are not from Uttar Pradesh but belong to Uttar Pradesh. After the death of the Corona-infected people, people would have shed them in the Ganges if there was no place to burn and bury them. He said that a watchman had been deployed in the area for the last rites of the Corona-infected people.

All bodies are five to seven days old – Upadhyay.


Subdivision officer KK Upadhyay said that all the bodies are five to seven days old. It is now being investigated from which city of Uttar Pradesh these bodies have been shed.

He said that there is no way to stop the dead bodies coming from Uttar Pradesh. In such a situation, preparations for disposal have been started in them. 

He said that 500 rupees were being paid to those who took out the dead bodies from the river.

Dead bodies are being thrown in the Ganges due to a lack of wood.

Pawni resident Narendra Kumar Maurya said that the condition of Chausa Ghat is quite pathetic. 100 to 200 per cent of dead bodies are reached here due to corona infection.

Due to the lack of an adequate wooden system to burn them, dead bodies are being thrown into the Ganges.

This is the condition of corona infection in Bihar

Coronavirus infection in Bihar is not yet taking its name. On Sunday, 11,259 new cases of infection have been reported in the state, and 67 people have died.

With this, the total number of infected in the state has increased to 5,91,476. Of these, 3,282 have died so far, and 4,77,389 people have recovered after treatment. 

The number of active cases in the state has risen to 1,10,805.

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