FAU-G game gets ‘Independence Day’ update, free-for-all mode and new game tracks

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FAU-G game was launched in India on Republic Day, and now a big update has been given on Independence Day. With this update, a new free-for-all deathmatch mode has been given in the game. Also, with the new update, game developer n-Core has fixed several bugs and added a new operator. The game was announced in September last year after the PUBG Mobile game was banned.

Launched at the beginning of the year, the game was first given the option of a single-player campaign, which received negative feedback from users. In June, developer n-core introduced a 5v5 team deathmatch mode to the game, which can be downloaded as a separate app on the Google Play Store on FAU-G: Multiplayer (Early Access). A third free-for-all mode has also been included in the app, in which gamers will play for themselves.

In the free-for-all team deathmatch mode, 10 players will be put on the map simultaneously, and they will not play for two different teams but themselves. In this mode, you have to defend yourself by killing other players. The player who survives to the last will be considered the winner in this mode. That is, this mode can also be called 1v9 mode. The company has informed about the inclusion of the new mode in the update on Twitter.

Apart from the new mode, in FAU-G, users will now be given the option to choose a new operation character before the match starts. This character was first seen in the campaign mode and has been named Capital Dhillon. The company has made many improvements to the game based on the feedback received from users and has also fixed existing bugs. The tricolour flag has also been seen after the update in the map named Bazar.

The company is constantly improving the game

Bengaluru-based game developer company n-Core says that the game is still in the early access stage, and there is no final version. There are many bugs and flaws in the game, which are being worked on to fix. The game developer says that new maps, weapons and characters will be added to the game soon. Users are now also being given the option of online multiplayer gaming in it.

Indian players were disappointed

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was teasing the FAU-G game, which was announced after PUBG Mobile was banned. It was believed that this would be a ‘Made in India’ game to compete with the PUBG Mobile Battle Royale game. After a lot of hype and a long wait, when the game launched, users got offline gameplay instead of the battle royale experience, which their displeasure was seen in the app’s review section.