Afghan youth illegally joined Taliban in Nagpur for 10 years- Police

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The 30-year-old Afghan youth, who has been illegally in Nagpur, Maharashtra for 10 years, is likely to join the Taliban after he was sent back to Afghanistan by the police.

He is seen holding a rifle in his hands in a photo of Taliban fighters released on social media recently.

This information was given by a senior police officer of Nagpur police. However, the photo is continuing to identify the youth.

The youth came to India in 2010

A senior police official said that Noor Mohammad Aziz Mohammad (30), a resident of Afghanistan, had come to India for six months on a tourist visa in 2010.

He had applied for refugee status to the UN Human Rights Council after the visa expired but was rejected.

Even then, he did not return to Afghanistan and started living on rent in the Digori area of Nagpur.

Police detain Noor Mohammad on the basis of intelligence inputs

The police official said Noor Mohammad lived in Nagpur for nearly 10 years and worked as a blanket seller. Police had started keeping an eye on him last year based on intelligence inputs. He was arrested by the police in June in view of his suspicious activity.

He said he described himself as being in Afghanistan during interrogation. He was then sent back to Afghanistan on June 23.

Noor’s brother worked for Taliban

Another policeman said Noor Mohammad’s real name was Abdul Haq and his brother works for the Taliban. Noor’s video with the weapon went viral last year. He also had a bullet mark on his left shoulder when police caught him.

An examination of his social media accounts revealed that he also followed some terrorists. In view of this situation, the police sent them back to Afghanistan.

Noor Mohammad likely to join Taliban

The police official said Noor Mohammad may have joined the Taliban after his departure to Afghanistan. A picture of Taliban fighters holding a gun recently shows a young man looking like Noor Mohammad.

He said there is no denying that he has joined the Taliban. However, the photo continues to identify him strongly. The photo has reached the police through his friends in Nagpur.

Taliban captured Afghanistan on August 15

With the withdrawal of US forces, the Taliban intensified attacks on Afghanistan. After that, he was constantly occupying one new city after another.

On August 15, the Taliban captured the capital Kabul and announced the formation of a new government.

Meanwhile, Noor Mohammad was also reported to be involved in a photo of Taliban fighters who went viral with guns in their hands.