Indore: A bangle seller was attacked; a minister claims he provided a false identity

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In Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city, a 25-year-old man selling bangles on the streets was beaten up by a mob after purportedly asking his name.

On social media, a video of the incident, which occurred on Sunday in Indore’s Govind Nagar, went viral.

According to an official, the Indore police have lodged a complaint on allegations of fostering animosity between different communities and other offences.

In the footage, he is seen pleading for compassion

Some individuals were allegedly seen pounding the seller, identified as Tasleem Ali, while he was pleading for compassion in one viral video.

In another video, a guy is seen punching the seller and accusing him of eve-teasing. He was also observed verbally insulting the vendor and inciting others to assault him. He was also observed advising the man not to return to the area.

The incident is depicted in the video below


When asked about the event, minister Narottam Mishra, according to a Home Department report, stated that the person had identified himself with a Hindu name while belonging to another community, resulting in the quarrel.

“In this connection, two Aadhaar cards were seized from him,” he added, adding that police conducted action against both parties.

In his lawsuit, the man stated the following

According to his allegation, five to six members of the mob questioned his identity in the Govind Nagar neighbourhood, and when he informed them his name, they began beating him.

He further said that the crowd used derogatory language against him and stole Rs. 10,000, his mobile phone, Aadhaar card, other documents, and bangles valued roughly Rs. 25,000 from him.

Continue the search for those who were involved in the incident

Notably, the man is from the Uttar Pradesh district of Hardoi.

Meanwhile, a police officer stated that an FIR was filed based on the man’s allegation under Indian Penal Code Sections 153A (promoting enmity between different groups), 141 (unlawful gathering), 147 (rioting), 395 (dacoity), 120B (criminal conspiracy), and other pertinent laws.

“Efforts were underway to apprehend those responsible for thrashing him,” he claimed.

According to the officer, a significant number of individuals supporting the bangle seller arrived at the Central Kotwali Police Station late Sunday night, where they allegedly engaged in inappropriate sloganeering and violation of peace.

According to the official, a separate FIR was filed against them on allegations of rioting, forcibly obstructing a public road and other relevant provisions of the IPC.

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