Kota Factory 3 Confirmed: What can be the plotlines?

Kota Factory 3

TVF prominent series Kota Factory is always in buzz because of its wonderful and relatable plotline. Kota Factory 2 was recently released on 24 September 2021 on the most popular streaming platform Netflix. Season 2 came with different concepts where the most loved Jeetu Bhaiya is trying to commence his own coaching classes but facing a lot of issues with it. He is not only trying to come up with his student’s study-related issues but also trying to solve their personal problems. Whereas one of the main characters Vaibhav is struggling with new Maheswari classes.

Season 2 came to end with disastrous news of the suicide of a student. This is a major cliffhanger for next season.

The makers have confirmed the return of Kota Factory 3.

How Suicide Of The Girl Will Impact Jeetu Bhaiya’s Attitude?

Jeetu bhaiya is the only character who is liked by every fan. He put himself into the shoes of others and try to come up with solutions. Even if he is not around his life lessons are always there. Bhiya completely understands the loophole of the study system in Kota. but the thing that terrifies him is what happened in the end. This suicide will change his perception of the pressure of IIT entrance preparation.

Will Vaibhav’s Love Story Continue Under High Pressure?

Vaibhav is now more pressurized because he realized that his marks in IIT mock test are not enough. In the second season, we witnessed Vaibhav and Vartika dating each other. But IIT-JEE pressure is much more than this love. In Kota FactoryFactroy 3 we will see how they will conduct their love story or it will come to an end.

AIMERS Will Be Seen Struggling

The chemistry teacher backout at the peak moment and joined Maheswari classes. The third season will show that competitions are not only between IIT aspirants but more competition will be seen between coaching institutions.

Kota Factory 3 Can Be A Concluding Season

We can expect 3 seasons to be the last season as Vaibhav and gang will appear for IIT-JEE entrance and they will enter college. We can expect Jeetu Bhaiya with a new and effective strategy for all the students who will appear in the entrance exam. We expect TVF not to stretch it after all of them left KOTA. Bidding adieu to the competitive land should be the end of this wonderful series.