Pirates Of The Caribbean Johnny Depp: Received Huge Support In Italy

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John Christopher Depp popularly known as Johnny Depp was born on 9 June 1963. He is an American actor, musician, and producer by profession. He had given numerous blockbuster Hollywood movies to the industry. In 1984 he made his debut in a horror film (A Nightmare on Elm Street). He has received numerous renowned awards such as Golden Globe Award, Screen Actor Guild Award, and many more Along with all these he also got nominated for various popular awards.

He has a fan following all over the world. He is not only prominent in the US but he is also loved and supported by his fans from other parts of the world. This Hollywood star has huge support from Italy, especially in Rome where he is considered a Rock Star. he recently appeared at the premiere of his latest animated TV series “Puffins,” which was held at the Film Festival in Rome on Sunday.

As soon as he stepped onto the Red Carpet there was a massive cheer from people for him and they were continuously appreciating him. Some of the clips show him waving to the crowd and playing along. He thanked everyone who supported him in his journey and told them how grateful he is. People seem quite excited about his upcoming animated TV series.

He always gave enough time to his fans. It was seen that when he was getting out of the building where the premier was conducted his fans were waiting outside. Rather than hurriedly walking away he gave his time and integrated with them calmly.

Thoughts of Johnny Depp About Rome Film Festival

Johnny was deeply overwhelmed by the response he received in Rome. He announced there that he was defamed in the UK for abusing his wife Amber Heard which drastically affected his image. He was blacklisted. People used to call him wife-beater. After all this, he got fired from many projects but he was accepted by many of his European fans. People defended him when he was alleged to beating his wife. His fans trusted him and they also understood that there might be some circumstances. People assured him that he is still loved and will always receive support from his fans. They all want Johnny to live long and happily. They all expect a lot of new movies and series from him.