Want to remove your photos from Google search? Follow these easy steps

Want to remove your photos from Google search? Follow these easy steps

If you or your child’s photo appears in any result of a Google search, then the option to remove it is given by the search engine company. The company has announced that children, adolescents and their parents or guardians can request their photos to be removed from image search results. With the help of this functionality, the company will also provide additional protection to internet users below the age of 18 years.

Google gave information in the blog post

In a blog post, the company has told the users how to submit this request and the reasons related to it.“We believe this change will give young users more control over their digital footprints and decide where their photos appear in search,” Google wrote. The company has advised users to keep themselves and their families safe while exploring online information.

The photo will not be shown in the Images tab

Once Google removes a photo, it will no longer be shown as a thumbnail in the Images tab or any Google search feature. However, Google has explained that removing an image from Google Search does not mean that it will be removed entirely from the Internet. These photos will be accessible on other websites, and the site’s webmaster will need to be contacted to have them removed from there.

This is how to remove photos from search results

First, you have to go to this policy’s ‘Help Page‘ and collect the necessary information to send the request. After that, click on ‘Support Link‘ to start the removal process. Now in the form that appears, from the image to the search results page URLs and other information, you will have to specify the search query terms on which the photo is visible on entering. Finally, this form has to be submitted for review.

Once the request to remove the photo is submitted, Google will review it and ask for additional information if necessary. The company will inform the user when the request is approved or rejected. Apart from this, users have also been given the option to request removal if they see crappy or fake content instead of any keyword related to them. That is, users can request Google to remove any wrong photo appearing in the results.

Google also blocked phishing emails

Search engine company Google has blocked 1.6 million phishing emails since May 2021. Google’s Threat Analysis Group has given information about the blocking of phishing emails in its report. It has been revealed that these emails were being used for a malware campaign. This campaign was promoting cryptocurrency schemes with the help of stolen YouTube accounts.