BTS member Suga fully recovers from Covid-19

BTS Suga

The New Year has commenced with great news for BTS Armies all across the globe as Suga (Min Yoongi) has finally tested negative for COVID-19 and is out of quarantine now. On January 3, 2022, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement confirming that Suga had recovered fully and will resume his daily activities soon. Suga was quarantined for about 10 days when he tested positive on the 24th of December after returning from a massive concert performance in LA.

Weverse was flooded with happy emotions after the release of the news

Suga’s agency, i.e. Big Hit Entertainment took to Weverse to announce their official statement after which the site was filled with happy fans spreading the news to other social media platforms as well. The statement read:

“Hello, this is Big Hit Music. We’re happy to report that BTS member SUGA has recovered completely from COVID-19, and his quarantine period has ended as of today (January 3) at midday. Suga, who has been getting home therapy for the previous ten days from Friday, December 24, is now able to resume his normal activities.”

BTS Suga

Suga did not show any particular symptoms during Quarantine

“Suga did not develop any special symptoms during his confinement and is presently healing while relaxing at home,” the statement by Big Hit stated. “We’d want to express our gratitude to all fans who have expressed worry for the artist’s health, as well as medical professionals who are working hard to conquer COVID-19,” they added.

Since Suga did not exhibit any particular symptoms, fans were relieved to know that their Idol had an easy and comforting recovery. Also, Big Hit’s gesture of thanking fans for showing their support and worrying about the artist made Armies all over the globe feel even more emotionally connected to the star and the agency.

Big Hit concluded the statement by saying that they will always prioritise the health of their artist and will always take care of their needs.

BTS Suga

 Armies took to social media to express their happiness

Of course, the news of BTS member Suga recovering from COVID made all armies rejoice in happiness. Many fans took to Twitter to express their happiness. Even Instagram was filled with Fan edits and stories of how happy fans were about SUGA’s recovery. Some wrote that SUGA has always been one of the strongest members of the band and has surely recovered with the same spirit. Other fans expressed their emotional state by writing that now finally they would be able to see their idol pursue their daily life.

Furthermore, fans are wishing for a speedy recovery for RM and Jin, who were both confirmed with COVID. The lads, on the other hand, have kept supporters’ spirits up with their countless Instagram and Weverse postings and banter. RM and Jin had previously stated that they were OK and that they should not be concerned.