Firefly Lane Season 2: The series is not coming on Netflix this February

Firefly Lane Season 2

*Warning: Season 1 Spoilers Ahead*

Netflix’s one of the most popular shows Firefly Lane will not be gracing the streaming service with its presence this month. Firefly Lane has quickly become one of Netflix’s well-loved original shows. Considering it is based on the beloved book series by Kristin Hannah of the same name, it shouldn’t be surprising.

The good news is that Netflix has renewed the series for a second season — the only bad news is that won’t come this February. On May 26, 2021, Firefly Lane actresses Katherine Heigel and Sarah Chalke confirmed the renewal of a Season 2.

“We can’t wait to continue on this journey of Tully and Kate with all of you,” said Sarah Chalke in the Zoom announcement.

Firefly Lane | Season 2 Announcement | Netflix

What to expect from Firefly Lane Season 2?

After watching Firefly Lane‘s first season, we were left wondering: what did Tully do to Kate? What exactly is Tully’s big comeback? Is Johnny still alive? Does Kate die? What’s the story behind Margie’s affair?

Season 2 will certainly reveal what happened to irrevocably damage Tully and Kate’s relationship. “This issue between Tully and Kate—we can’t say much,” Chalke said during the Season 2 announcement, “But what we can say is that it’s family-related. “In any case, the upcoming season would focus on the impact this has on Kate and her daughter, Marah.

While the confrontational finale is set during a funeral, it is unclear whose funeral it is. Seeing as Tully has clearly arrived to pay her respects at the funeral, we can tell that this is someone close to Kate. Kate’s ex-husband, Johnny, who went to Iraq, or Kate’s elderly father, are the two most probable choices.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Release Date

IMDb has uploaded the episode titles. Among them are:

Episode 1: Wish You Were Here

Episode 2:  On The Road

Episode 3: “I’m Coming Out”

Episode 4: Papa Don’t Preach

Episode 5: Simple Twist of Fate

Episode 6: Reborn on the Fourth of July

Who will be the new cast for Firefly Lane Season 2?

Netflix confirmed four new cast members via Deadline in late September 2021.

Ignacio Serricchio, the Argentine actor, has joined the Firefly Lane season 2 ensemble and will play Danny Diaz. Danny is described as a cocky sportscaster and develops chemistry with Tully. Charlotte will be played by India de Beaufort. Greg Germann, well known for his role on Grey’s Anatomy, will portray Benedict Binswanger, a member of an influential logging family, in season 2. Lastly, in season 2, Jolene Purdy will portray Justine Jordan, an optimistic talent agent.

Firefly Lane Season 2

The original cast members, Heigl and Chalke, will return as Tully and Kate. In addition, all the other core members are expected to appear in the show.

Is there a trailer for Firefly Lane Season 2?

There is no trailer just yet. In most cases, Netflix will release a trailer closer to when an official release date has been announced, so fans will still have a few weeks to wait. Firefly Lane Season 2 filming began in Vancouver, Canada at the end of August and is expected to go through April 20th, 2022. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see Tully and Kate back on our screens so soon.