A Million Little Things Season 6: Will we get another season or not?

A Million Little Things Season 6: Will we get another season or not?
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“You should be concentrating on what you’re here for, which is getting sober and rebuilding your life. Lilly is a distraction that takes you away from that.”

“Rutledge” is the word that might have been their safe word, but Gary uttering this was shocking enough. As depressing as the pilot was, the series did end on a beautiful note. As much as we’ll love to talk about the season’s end, we are for the next installment of the series. A Million Little Things revolves around the idea that life is unpredictable and the relationships we build with others with a group of friends till death do us part, literally. When ABC announced the series on August 18, 2017, DJ Nash described the series. As much effect as the show had on us in the past five years, it has just increased with the latest seasons. Now, fans are wondering about A Million Little Things Season 6. Let’s see if we’ll get another season or not! 

A Million Little Things Season 6: Will we get another season or not?
Credits: Instagram

Will we get A Million Little Things Season 6?

As much as we want another season of this emotional series, ABC is not hoping the same thing. On November 7, 2022, ABC announced that the fifth season would be its last. Don’t believe us still? Hopefully, the video below, posted on the official ABC youtube channel on November 8, 2022, might change your thoughts. Spoiler alert, the video is called “A Million Little Things: The Farewell Season.” 

A Million Little Things: The Farewell Season - WED FEB 8 on ABC

In the video, we can see how the cast announces things one by one. So allow us to summarise it for you all. During the production of the fifth season, the video got posted while we watched the fifth season that aired on February 8, 2023. Just like a typical pattern of first giving positive news after which bombing us with the worst news. They announced how the production for the fifth installment is working and how much they love working together. However, Romany Malco just cut to the chase and announced,” Season five is going to be the final season of A Million Little Things.”

Grace Park, who played Katherine, announced how much they loved working together,” We can’t believe this incredible journey is coming to an end.” Ya, we can’t too! We still believed A Million Little Things Season 6 is possible, but not after this announcement! According to the cast members’ explanation, they said about ending the series when the time is right, maybe it’s right according to them( deep down, we too know the time has come). After announcing their goodbye, they also expressed how happy and lucky they are to have such a loving audience and supporting cast. 

In the end, they thank the fandom for watching the show and showering the love from the first episode. They ended on the note of how much they are excited for the upcoming season( which is complete). They announced their goodbye at the end while the fandom cried. So it’s final, A million little things Season 6 is not going to happen while the finale of the series has already aired. Did you watch the finale yet? If not, we have some spoilers to give! 

A Million Little Things Series finale:

I honestly cried after watching the finale( & learning A Million Little Things Season 6 is not happening) probably you all too. Don’t trust us? The cast members hinted to us about how emotional it’s going to get! 

As much as we hoped for Gary to live, it was impossible to fight Stage IV Lung Cancer in such a short period. When we begged to writers not let Gary die of cancer they said, okay then, he’ll do suicide. There must have been some communication problem… anyway, Gary left the world after he reminded Rome and Eddie of their vow of how Gary wanted to die with dignity. Although, he did leave us with some flashback videos for his son. On Javi’s 16th birthday, the remaining cast gathered around and played Gary’s final words. 

“I’m gone physically,” Video Gary says, “I’m still here. Our relationship isn’t over.” The voiceover keeps playing while Maggie visits his grave and says, how she has a date today. Seems like, the friend group is finally happy after James and Gary’s death. After Gary says how important it is to make good friends like he did (allow me to sob on the side), we do watch Javi at a Bruins game with Theo, Danny, and Tyrell. The guys take a selfie, just like the original four did in the pilot. With that, the series finale credits rolls up while our tissue box got empty.