Top 5 series to watch on Netflix

Top 5 Series on Netflix to Watch this Weekend! (May 17- May 19)
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Aren’t you all counting down the days for the weekend? The wait is finally over! The weekend is here, and so is the list of the
popular series! 

As Netflix keeps introducing more content on its platform, the more subscribers it attracts! Who would have thought such a great platform for countless content for us to wonder about? Whether you feel like watching a series or a movie is your go through. It can be a real-life documentary, or you still love animated shows.

Everything is available here, whether you search for Indian, American, Korean, or French. The most popular OTT streaming platform with more than 232.5 million users! Since we all are aware of the merits of Netflix, it might be tough for you all to narrow down your favored content. So, to ease your exercise we bring the list of Top 5 Series on Netflix to Watch This Weekend!

XO, Kitty

To All the Boys franchise prequel XO, Kitty is featuring none other than the youngest Covey! The Romantic drama is giving the spotlight to Kitty she always deserved, The matchmaker moved across the world to be with her long-distance boyfriend. Although things didn’t turn out as expected, given all the complications! Torn between being the smartest student at home and now, barely surviving the finals, Kitty has grown u for sure. But more than the perfect cast, background, and location, what a plot twist! If you are as excited as me, we can assure you this series is the perfect dose you need. That’s why it comes first on our list of Top 5 Series on Netflix to Watch this weekend.

Kitti Katz

Kitti Katz NEW SERIES Trailer 😻 Netflix After School

Don’t feel like watching ordinary series, here is a new animation series that you’ll love! Kitti Katz is a story of Three Teenage Girls who transforms into Fierce Feline superheroes. They are destined to save the world from an evil Egyptian goddess by chasing the demons down. In between saving the world they also have soccer practice to attend! It is a new animation series released on May 18, 2023, only on Netflix. 

Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune

Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune | Opening Sequence (Music: Ken Ishii) | Netflix

If you are into space action Anime, this series is for you! Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune is a fun action-packed series that showcases a terrifying view of a future that may be far from metaphorical. Great Resets happen. Societies collapse eventually. It is Apocalypse based after Planet Earth has been battered by superior species that have collated together to create a Trade Federation. The series revolves around a team of human soldiers who are called Yakitori. As they carry out military operations they see several unspeakable things. Yakitori is one of the shows among the Top 5 Series on Netflix to watch this weekend list.

McGregor Forever Netflix Original (May 17)

McGregor Forever | Official Trailer | Netflix

This series is a documentary of a well-known Professional mixed martial artist & former UFC Featherweight & Lightweight Champion. The series only contains four episodes however, it revolves around his dynamic career. Like Netflix official Synopsis expressed, “In 2021, Conor McGregor faced one of the most demanding years of his career. Three fights in twelve months with the eyes of the world watching. Now, as the superstar prepares for his return to the octagon as he takes on the most important battle of his career, this all-access series will be a behind-the-scenes look at how Conor got here and why he’s still the driving force in the UFC.”

Working: What We Do All Day

Working: What We Do All Day | Official Trailer | Netflix

Working is a Netflix Original show narrated by one & only Barack Obama. In the series, employees are picked from three different sectors Hospitality, Home care & Tech. Barack Obama and Caroline with others live into their lives and talk to people about their jobs and how they feel about them. The show is a great exposure, showing us the inside reality of the working class in America. 

Since we have the list now, let’s keep the show going! If you have any suggestions, comment down and keep the list going!