6 Thrilling Shows to watch while you wait for Squid Game Season 2!

6 Thrilling Shows to watch while you wait for Squid Game Season 2!
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Squid Game fans, gather around! 

South Korean survival drama Squid Game gave us a rollercoaster ride of intense curiosity & fear! With the unique concept, the series soon become the top Netflix series to ever cross viewership of more than 1.65 billion viewing hours in its first month.

With time, the series’ fandom kept growing while the cast got nominated for Emmy Awards, Oscars & other renowned awards. The series’ specialty wasn’t just a remarkable plotline but also the wonderful contribution of its cast & crew!

Together, they created history, and now fans are waiting for history to be rewritten, i.e., for Squid Game Season 2. We do understand the wait is turning out to be dreadful, so now we come with another Bing-worthy list of 6 Thrilling Shows to watch while you wait for Squid Game Season 2! 

Panic – Amazon Prime Videos

PANIC - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Panic TV series revolves around 23 graduates who participate in the annual panic competition. What’s the reward? The usual winner gets a $50,000 cast prize & also a chance to escape from their small town. However, with the change, the reward is larger but, of course, at a price. As tempting as it is for high school graduates, the rules have been changed & the risk has been higher than before. It’s up to them to decide if they want to change their lives or risk their lives. The players will come face to face with their deepest, darkest fears and be forced to decide how much they are willing to risk to win. Panic is one of the 6 Thrilling Shows to watch while you wait for Squid Game Season 2! 

The Purge – Amazon Prime Videos

The Purge - Season 1 | Gabriel Chavarria | Official Trailer | Prime Original | Amazon Prime Video

Don’t consider me a psychopath, but I’m The Purge fan! After watching all the movies, the series had me in a chokehold! The American Anthology action horror will give creeps & the will to jump into the screen & do something. The story revolves around how the United States sanctions a 12-hour period that legalizes all crimes. You can get away from anything if it’s performed in that 12 hours. After the time is completed, the rules are back & police are on patrol! This act is done to control the population and reduce criminal activities, although the crime done in those 12 hours is more than ever. I suggest if you haven’t seen this series, you are gonna love it! 

All of Us Are Dead – Netflix 

All of Us Are Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix

To prove K-dramas aren’t all about Romance, All of Us Are Dead is our evidence! The series showcases students trying to find their way out of the school, which is now crawling with Zombies. With no food or water, and communication cut off by the government, they must use the equipment around the school to protect themselves amid a battleground, or they will become part of the infected. The virus spread starts from school and later all over South Korea. Those who have survived are transferred to a safety camp while others are trying to find their way there. All of Us Are Dead is one of the 6 Thrilling Shows to watch while you wait for Squid Game Season 2! 

Alice in Borderland – Netflix 

Alice in Borderland | Official Trailer | Netflix

With Japanese drama, we are proving our point that dramas are now all about thriller & action. The series follows Ryohei Arisu & Yuzuha Usagi, who are trapped in an abandoned Tokyo, forced to play a life-threatening game. If they refuse, they die. If they fail, they die. The games with type and difficulty are represented by playing cards to extend “visas” that if expired, result in the player’s execution by lasers being shot from the sky. The series is based on Haro Aso’s Alice in Borderland & is now a big deal show!

Sweet Home – Netflix 

Sweet Home | Official Trailer | Netflix

This series will give you chills. Sweet Home is nothing like its title. It is a South Korean apocalyptic horror streaming tv series based on the webtoon written by Kim Carnby & Hwang Young-chan. The series follows the lives of the residents of an old apartment building who gets trapped inside the apartment when something evil starts turning humans into monsters. Hyun-soo and other residents shield themselves inside the building in the hope of surviving as long as they can. With this one, our list of 6 Thrilling Shows to watch while you wait for Squid Game Season 2 to come to an end. Stay tuned to get more updates!