Is Suits Season 9 on Netflix?

Suits Season 10: What are the possibilities of its happening?
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We love to watch how the chaos unfolds in New York City Law Firms, especially when Harvey comes into the scene. Maybe this is one reason why fans have to be elastic to know Is Suits Season 9 on Netflix? It’s a fair inquiry since Netflix is considered the most popular OTT platform. In the eighth season ending, we saw Harvey finally accepting his feelings.

Coming back to the topic, Yes, Darvey finally happened! Donna opened her apartment door, and there he was, standing all tall with a vulnerable expression. I think we all knew what was going to happen then, but Donna didn’t know that. We all were fangirling when they shared a passionate kiss. I mean, I don’t know about you all, but I surely felt the butterflies, especially after watching the rising tension among them! It’ll be more fun to watch how they’ll act as a couple in the ninth season. Whatever happens, we all have expectations from Suits Season 9. Let’s find out the platform on which we can watch the series. 

Are Suits Season 9 on Netflix?

Is Suits Season 9 on Netflix?

Before we dig further, let’s take a moment to thank Aaron Korsh for creating such a wonderful show. We have seen several medical series like Grey’s Anatomy, The good doctor, New Amsterdam, etc., which have gained immense popularity. If it’s not medical genre series, then it’s police or military-related shows. The difference here is Suits are related to Lawyers. In short, the series serves as a legal drama. It is based on a fictional New York City Law Firm. While Mike may be one of the smartest people with a photographic memory but the reality is he is a law school dropout. 

Suits Season 9 "Mike Returns" Trailer (HD) Final Season

In recent seasons we have seen Mike and Harvey’s duo winning several cases while Rachel and Mike took the next step and got married. After this much happening, who would resist asking Is Suits Season 9 on Netflix? The answer to this question is easy & probably in your favor. Suits Season 9 is released on Netflix. Netflix made an announcement, exciting fans, that the entire series comprising all nine seasons would be added to their streaming platform starting June 17.

Are Suits Season 9 on Netflix?
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While we are that lucky since Netflix has released the ninth installment of Suits, they didn’t give any public explanation as to why the ninth season release was delayed. However, nothing of that matters now since your question, “Is Suits Season 9 on Netflix?” have been answered in your favor! 

If not Netflix, then where can we watch Suits Season 9?

If you aren’t aware that Suits is available on USA Network, then OTT platforms are the place for you! Okay, we do remember your recent question (Is Suits Season 9 on Netflix?), which we can answer. While Netflix is the most reliable platform, we can’t depend on that one only. Other platforms also provide you access to Suits Season 9. 


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Apart from Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos, Peacock TV is another popular option among the fandom. Both Netflix and Peacock TV provide all the seasons of Suits and with HD versions. So if you don’t have a Netflix subscription to enjoy the series, don’t sweat about it! 

Are Suits Season 9 on Netflix?
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The show originally aired from 2011 to 2019 and ran for nine seasons on the USA Network. Despite that, it has quickly risen in rank on Netflix charts. The show is chock full of both exhilarating and heartwarming moments and might soon become your comfort drama. It is the perfect show for your Netflix binge-watch this summer so if you are planning to utilize your summer vacations by Netflix hunting, Suits is one of the best picks for you!