5 Best shows to watch if you loved Stranger Things

Locke and Key Season 3: Release date, Filming wrapped, and more updates about the next season
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“When you’re different, sometimes you feel like a mistake. But you make her feel like she’s not a mistake at all. Like she’s better for
being different.”

Looks like you hit a pause here because you are as much of a Stranger Things fan as me! Well, don’t let me stop you from feeling the kick again you feel while watching Stranger Things. Here we brought a list of 5 Best shows to watch if you loved Stranger Things. Before we begin, let’s take a moment to recall our favorite series ending. I won’t be giving away any major spoilers, only a few minor ones still Spoiler Alert. We all remembered how our sweet Eleven got her powers back and fought the Vecna.

Although it was really the whole gang with Nancy turning into a badass Nancy, things were pretty intense. Only for Vecna to finally achieve his goal, and our group seems to be back together only with some crucial things. Now we wait for the series’ final to air. We have the list that you’ll like to binge-watch!  

I Am Not Okay With This 

Total seasons – 1

Where to watch – Netflix

I Am Not Okay With This | Official Teaser | Netflix | February 26

This series must be a doppelganger of Stranger Things, except for a few things that have altered. I Am Not Okay With This is an American dark comedy series that revolves around a teen girl who is dealing her father’s suicide and with her sexual conflicts. Her angry outburst takes a weird turn when the walls start to crack. On her already-filled plate of things, she’s gotta deal with sudden superpowers too. Lucky for her, she got a friend on the side, but things just keep getting complicated. Like Eleven, Sydney has telekinetic powers and is learning to use them with the help of her friends. Keep all the similarities. We have this one in our list of 5 Best shows to watch if you loved Stranger Things.

Twin Peaks 

Total seasons – 2

Where to watch – Paramount+

'Twin Peaks' Trailer

Unlike I Am Not Okay With It, Twin Peak is an American horror mystery drama series that revolves around Dale Cooper, an FBI agent whose assigned to solve a schoolgirl’s murder in Twin Peaks. This show is similar to Stranger Things, as some weird thing always keeps happening in their town. For Stranger Things, their town Hawkins. Lauren, a homecoming queen, gets mysteriously murdered, and with that, the series gets unfolded. 

The Magicians

Total seasons – 5

Where to watch – Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Syfy

The Magicians Season 2 Trailer (HD)

Another binge-worthy series among the 5 Best shows to watch if you loved Stranger Things would be The Magicians. It revolves around Quentin Coldwater, who is training to be a Magician. On this path, he discovers that his childhood book is a danger for all humanity. In the middle of all this, he bumps into Alice, a number one student who came to the university to find some answers for her brother’s disappearance. They bump into other magicians, and together they walk on the journey to save the world. Just what Eleven and the gang are up to. This series is amazing if you are up to watching a friend group doing some magical adventure and developing their bond! 

The Fear Street Trilogy

 Where to watch – Netflix 

FEAR STREET | A Film Trilogy Event | Official Trailer | Netflix

The American horror film series is the one if you are a fan of Sadie Sink and Maya Hawke for their amazing role in the Stranger Things series. It is a combination of Slasher and Supernatural, which revolves around a group of teenagers who are trying to find a way to break the curse that has been over their town for hundreds of years. Similar to Stranger Things, The Fear Street is also based on a horrifying town in which nothing goes right. You have to watch this film series if you are up for some Stranger Things vibes. 

Locke & Key 

Total seasons- 3

Where to watch- Netflix 

Locke & Key | Official Trailer | Netflix

Our last stop from the list of 5 Best shows to watch if you loved Stranger Things is Locke & Key. This series revolves around a family who moves to their father’s hometown after their father gets murdered. In the house, they find some magical keys that can do some amazing things. As we are aware, with power comes enemies, and the three seasons are all about that. It’s not just the siblings fighting through everything, especially when they find some trustworthy friend or companions. A must-watch series if you are up for some magical vibes.