5 New K-dramas to watch on Netflix in April 2023

5 New K-dramas to watch on Netflix in April 2023!

The South Korean Entertainment world trend has grown so much that whenever something new comes up in Korea. We receive the news first! South Korean boy band BTS first infected us with their songs and looks & now, we are so addicted that we wait for weeks or months for news. Korean Dramas have taken another place in our hearts.

Their soft romantic comedy or the crazy psychotic thriller, everything we love to watch. Maybe that’s why Netflix, one of the leading OTT platforms keeps releasing the latest episodes or newest dramas. So here we bring the list of the Top 5 New K-dramas to watch on Netflix in April 2023!  

Divorce Attorney Shin: 

Divorce Attorney Shin | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

The well-known divorce lawyer, Shin Sung-han, is driven by a personal tragedy. A concert pianist becomes a lawyer and only does divorce cases. Sees them as the most important matters of all Always wins. Divorce Attorney Shin is based on a webtoon developed by Kang Tae-Kyung. The first episode was released on March 4, 2023, while the new episodes release every Saturday and Sunday. So get ready to watch the latest episodes of Divorce Attorney Shin on Netflix!


Queenmaker | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

A human rights lawyer, Seung-sook, jumps into the election board to make her the mayor of Seoul. The civil lawyer called a rhinoceros, teams up with a genius image maker. Hwang Do-Hee, who controlled the strategic planning office of a conglomerate, decides to book Seung-sook’s image to get revenge on her former employer. Queenmaker is one of the Top 5 New K-dramas coming on Netflix in April 2023. So free your schedule of April 14, 2023, to watch the mind-blowing series only on Netflix! 

Doctor Cha:

5 New K-dramas to watch on Netflix in April 2023!

After being a full-time housewife for more than 20 years, Cha Jung Sook is ready to restart her medical career. She joins as a first-year resident doctor & restarts her medical resident course. She married Seo In Ho, who works as a chief Surgeon at a university hospital. The series is full of the comedic comeback and chaotic duo of husband & wife. Doctor Cha is a medical comedic drama that is supposed to air on April 15. It is one of the Top 5 New K-dramas coming on Netflix in April 2023. So get ready as the series will air its episodes every Saturday and Sunday! 

A Clean Sweep (Season 1) :

5 New K-dramas to watch on Netflix in April 2023!

A Clean Sweep’s new episodes are going to release weekly in April 2023. Until then, you can rewatch the baseball match! Former professional Korean Baseball Players who go up against the top high school baseball teams. Their mission is to find out who’s the best player. Around 32 episodes have been released till take while others will release in the following month. The show gets hosted by Kim Sun-woo & Jung Yong-geo. It’s mostly a sports variety show in which they have to win 21 out of 30 games for the show to continue. 

The Good Bad Mother:

The Good Bad Mother (2023) Official Trailer | Lee Do Hyun, Ra Mi Ran, Ahn Eun Jin, Yoo In Soo

The Single strict mother, Young-Soon, supports her son’s education through the money she raised from a pig farm. Lee Do-Hyun plays the role of Kang-Ho, the cold-hearted prosecutor. After a shocking accident, Kang-Ho is forced to move back to his hometown with his unbearable mother. Due to the accident, Kang-Ho’s mental age is down to a child again. He gets a chance to renew his relationship with his mother while his childhood friend, Mi-Joo, helps him throughout his journey. The series is supposed to air on April 26. The Good Bad Mother is the last one on our list of Top 5 New K-dramas coming on Netflix in April 2023. Get ready and free your schedule to enjoy the latest theme of upcoming K-dramas.