5 Shows to watch if you liked Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone Season 3: Will there be another season?

“I’ve spent my life searching for a way to make things right. You’re the first glimmer of hope I’ve had in a long time.”

Alina’s journey is surely inspiring and adventurous, and we have all loved the Darkling since he made its first appearance. Mal is another golden retriever boy we adored. Apart from their love triangle, The Fantasy Land and Shadow Fold is another epic thriller plot that has us hooked. Since fandom has shown immense love to Shadow and Bone, we thought to do some good work.

For all the series lovers, we brought you all a much-needed bing-worthy list stating The Top 5 shows similar to Shadow and Bone. So keep the hype up until the third season arrives. Until then, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news!

Lockwood & Co.

No. Of Seasons– One

Where to watch– Netflix

Lockwood & Co. | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you are a fan of Alina and her enlightening journey, you’ll love Lucy too! The Harrowing thriller series, Lockwood & Co. Is an epic show that portrays a world in which ghosts from their graves have been rising for the past 50 years. This phenomenon is called the problem. Teenagers are the only ones who possess supernatural powers and are admitted to licensed ghost-hunting agencies. Lucy runs away from home and arrives at Lockwood & Co. Agency, which is run without any adult superior. Together, they fight the ghosts and discover the roots of the problem.

The Magicians

No. Of Seasons– Five

Where to watch– Amazon Prime Video

The Magicians Season 2 Trailer (HD)

Another remarkable lead actress who’ll remind you of Alina is Alice Quinn. The series has a perfect amount of magic, Mystery, and adult drama. The Magicians focuses on Quentin and Julia, an inseparable childhood best friend who gets torn apart when one of them doesn’t get into the magician school, with diverse storylines that tend to gear towards a darker theme that’s why it comes in our list of The Top 5 shows similar to Shadow and Bone.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

No. Of Seasons– Three

Where to watch– Netflix

Shadowhunters | Season 1 Teaser: Series Premiere | Freeform

A wonderful Spirited thriller series, Shadowhunters, is my suggestion for you all. It is a remarkable story of a young girl, Clary, who had no clue about her superpowers until she bumps into a shadow hunter, Jace. Just like Alina, who had no clue that she had superpowers until she had an encounter with the Darkling. The show is a wonderful concept and a perfect pick to ease your cravings for shadow and bone.

The Wheel Of Time

No of seasons– One

Where to watch– Amazon Prime Video

The Wheel Of Time – Official Trailer | Prime Video

A destined teen who has no idea about being the chosen one? A dark lord after him, to kill and rule the world? Did it remind you of Shadow and Bone too? A Wheel of Time Focuses on Moiraine, a member of the Aes Sedai, a powerful organization of women who can channel the One Power. She’s on a hunt to find the dragon reborn and protect him before things get worse.

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina

Where to watch– Netflix

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Another dark thriller fantasy series that’ll keep you hooked on your seats is Chilling Adventure of Sabrina. This series is a perfect pick if you are craving to watch a series with a female lead with adult drama, complex love affairs, and dark themes. This series focuses on humans and witches. Sabrina is a hybrid, half human and half witch. On her 16th birthday, she gets a choice to live like a human or a witch. There’s no in-between. She’s determined to live the rest of her life as a human like her mother. However, the Witches, their lord, have other plans. What’ll happen to her? How’ll her life turn upside down on her 16th birthday? This is a perfect series for you and our last pick from the list of The Top 5 shows similar to Shadow and Bone.