5 Shows to watch if you like Accused

Accused Season 2: Have Fox decided the fate of the series?
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“Reading people, that’s my job. And my read is… you are a good man caught up in a bad situation.”

Look at you. The crime drama-obsessed fans have gathered here to ease their pain of waiting for Accused second season with its best replacements! Don’t worry, fandom. We got your back. Before we start talking about the list of 5 Shows to watch if you like Accused, the series listed down are unique in their way, if we can list them in the shows similar to Accused.

They can be done Vice Verse too. Now, we are moving on to discuss some other legal crime drama series with darker content! Before we begin, you all know the drill folks! Share as much as you can, and allow us to keep you all updated by subscribing to our newsletter! Tiny requests for giving the latest updates about entertainment, lifestyle, and others. Now, let’s begin with our worthy list!

Law and Order

Total seasons– twenty-two

Where to watch– NBC, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

Law and Order Season 21 Trailer (HD)

The thrilling, gripping series will have you wanting more. As a result, fans are in love with Law & Order even after running twenty-two seasons! Just like the Accused. Law and Order also revolves around the actual cases by throwing lights at them. Every season includes a new storyline since there is no shortage of true cases. Everyone is involved to serve justice for the victims, whether they are detectives, prosecutors, or district attorneys. We first warn you not every case revived in the episodes is simple. Some are more brutal and heartless, which often becomes tough to watch. However, If you are a fan of crime-solving dramas, this series is for you!

American Crime Story

Total seasons– Three

Where to watch – Disney Hotstar

American Crime Story Season 2: The Assassination of Gianni Versace RED BAND Trailer (HD)

The intense, gripping series isn’t in everyone’s appetite. You can faint or cry a mountain after watching this series. This series is also similar to Accused If you are up to watching some courtroom drama that revolves around some direful crime cases. A true anthology series, American Crime Story spins around various historical and high-profile criminal cases with proper evidence, official records, and flashbacks. So, if you are up to being introduced to the monsters who walk on Earth with us, this series is for you.

The Night Of

Total seasons– One

Where to watch– HBO Max

The Night Of - Trailer - Official HBO UK

The emotional thriller series will have you booked for a therapy session. The show is similar to Accused in a way that it depicts the entire story from the defendant’s point of view. The Night Of revolves around a Pakistani American student, Naz Khan, who found his one-night stand stabbed to death. It shows that sometimes, a simple mistake can alter the unexpected chain of events, which turns people’ like upside down. The Night Of might be a limited series, but those eight episodes will keep you on edge. This is one for you among the 5 Shows to watch if you like Accused.

American Crime

Total seasons- Three

Where to watch– ABC, Hulu

American Crime Trailer - ABC (HD) Starring Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton

The unflinching, poignant series is what’ll keep you up at night. American Crime series revolves around the stories of an individual who gets caught in the messy politics of gender, race, and class. It also describes how the courtroom experience has a lifelong impact on individuals. In the first season, we get introduced to a family of four whose life forever changes after a home invasion gone wrong. Another nail-biting crime drama you all were waiting for.

Criminal Minds: Evolution

Total seasons– two

Where to watch- Disney+

Criminal Minds: Evolution (Paramount+) Trailer HD

The last one in our list of 5 Shows to watch if you like Accused is Criminal Minds. This series is similar to Accused since both follow the actual cases. Criminal Minds: Evolution is a spin-off of Criminal Minds, which focuses on the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit as they focus on understanding the serial killer mindsets and their patterns to catch them. This might be a little different, but it follows the same genre with true criminal cases!