5 Shows to watch if you like Only Murders in the Building

The Flight Attendant Season 2 Episode 8: Release date, promo, plot, cast, and more updates
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“So that’s it? You’d rather tell a story that’s tantalizing than the story that’s the truth?”

The Only Murders in the Building fever is taking over fans, and just one episode a week is not enough for them to satisfy their hunger. And hence, they end up asking for more. So, all those who are yearning for more of the show, we have brought you 5 Shows to watch if you like Only Murders in the Building.

Yes, folks! We have filtered the long list for you all, and to make things much easier, we have shortened the content! Now you’ll get all the fun, the kind which you received while watching Only Murders in The Building. Before we begin, we gotta warn you to lower your expectations since Only Murders In The Building is unique in its way, like the listed series is. They have several similarities. That’s why they ended up on the list! Let’s begin with the long-awaited list!

The Afterparty

Total season– Two

Where to watch– Apple TV+

The Afterparty — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The funny, mysterious series that’ll keep you hooked up until the end! Twinning with Only Murders in the Building in the Department of Genre. Both the series specialize in Comedy and Murder Mystery. Other than that, both series have released two seasons only! The Afterparty revolves around the High school reunion party that goes wrong when one of the popular attendees dies mysteriously. Since the second season is releasing its episode, feel free to watch the first season and let us know how much you liked it!

The Flight Attendant

Total seasons– Two

Where to watch– HBO Max

The Flight Attendant Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Just like Mabel becomes a suspect in a murder in the second season, Cassandra is having a crisis of her own. The suspenseful, dark comedy series is gonna keep you on the edge of your seats! The Flight Attendant revolves around Cassie( Cassandra), who is a reckless alcoholic who often spends her free time in different hotel rooms. However, this one is different when she wakes up after an amazing night, with a dead body in her bed! Without any memories, she does her best to dissolve the case, but can she?

The Search Party

Total seasons– Five

Where to watch– HBO Max

The Dark Compelling series is what you need to awaken your soul. For the fans of Only Murders In The Building, Search Party is much darker and twisted, positively in a good way! Dory’s specific storyline is also tender and touching, just like Mabel’s story in Only Murders In The Building. Just like Dory’s obsession to find Chantal’s story reminds us of Mabel’s obsession to find out about Tim. This is one of the best 5 Shows to watch if you like Only Murders In The Building.

Bored To Death

Total seasons– Three

Where to watch– HBO

HBO ORIGINAL SERIES Bored To Death: Clip Trailer

The Quirky Offbeat series will make you feel like a part of their series. Jonathan Ames will remind you of Charles, who is a full-time artist and part-time detective, and the trio will remind you of our crime investigator podcast lovers. Bored to Death revolves around a fictional character, Jonathan, who is a writer based in New York. As his writing job doesn’t provide that many kicks, his part-time job is as an unlicensed private detective. He forms a team with other friends, Ray and George, to begin their murder investigation journey.


Total season– Eight

Where to watch– Amazon Prime

Psych 3: This Is Gus | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

The funny Quirky series will have you laughing on the floor. This series won’t remind you of any character, but they’ll remind you of the bond Mabel, Charles, and Oliver share. The show is fun-loving for showcasing a true friendship formed from an unlikely place. Psych revolves around Shawn, a police consultant, and Gus, Shawn’s best friend, who joins hands with Shawn to solve murder mysteries. This is one of the best among the 5 Shows to watch if you like Only Murders in the Building. Feel free to check this first among the others!