5 Shows to watch if you liked Bridgerton

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Lady Whistledown fans are eagerly waiting for the third season. It’s been months since we have been waiting for the next installment. The Bridgeton family is ready to prepare the other son’s love story. The series revolves around an eponymous fictional family and is set in the competitive world of Regency Era London’s ton during the social season. Fans are eagerly waiting after watching both seasons.

Let’s get on with our list of 5 shows to watch if you liked Bridgerton!


No. Of Seasons– Four

Where to watch– Amazon Prime Video

The emotional, sensual series will give you the vibes of Bridgeton. The series is set in 1557 with fifteen-year-old Queen Mary Stuart living in a convent in France. However, her life changes up and down when she’s demanded to marry Crown Prince Francis. However, their lives change when their love story gets entangled because of Bash, Francis’ half-brother. The series is a perfect one to be included in the list of 5 shows to watch if you liked Bridgerton! Its racy romance and love triangles with major difficulties are gonna remind you of Bridgeton.


No. Of Seasons– Seven

Where to watch– Netflix

OUTLANDER - Season 1 Trailer

This complex romantic series is what you are gonna love at the end. Outlander is a historical romantic drama series that follows a former Second World War military nurse, Claire, who accidentally transports herself back in time to 1743. She gets saved by a charming Highland warrior, Jamie, who later becomes her love interest. The interactions and love affairs are what gonna remind you of Bridgeton. Another major similarity is that both shows are adapted from the romantic hot novel.


No. Of Seasons– Three

Where to watch– Amazon Prime Video

Sanditon | Season 1 Recap | MASTERPIECE | PBS

Another Whimsical romantic series, Sanditon, is what you need to feel the Bridgeton vibes. This is also an adaptation of a novel written by Jane Austen. However, the series followed the incomplete novel for a few episodes, and afterward, the writers took over. The series is set in historical time and its plot revolves around a young naive girl, Charlotte, who comes to the town in the hope of becoming an actress. However, after the society’s secrets and unexpected encounters, her life takes a drastic turn. This is one of the best in the list of 5 shows to watch if you liked Bridgerton!

The Gilded Age

No. Of Seasons- One

Where to watch- HBO

The Gilded Age | Official Trailer | HBO

Another elegant and compelling series that’ll remind you of Bridgeton is The Gilded Age. It is a period drama set in late 19th-century New York. The series will remind your favorite series through the high societal pressure and the biting conversations. The show follows a young Marian Brook, who moved from rural Pennsylvania to New York City after the death of her father. She is accompanied by Peggy Scott, an aspiring writer to her aunt, with the social war and a Scion of the old money with super ruthless rich neighbours. Marian is forced to choose if she will follow the established rules of society or forge her path. Marian will particularly remind you of Eloise Bridgeton.

The Pursuit of Love

No. Of Seasons– One

Where to watch– Amazon Prime Videos

The Pursuit of Love | Official Trailer | Amazon Originals

The Charismatic Whimsical series is what you need to step ahead from the game of Bridgeton. The Pursuit of Love is a British mini-series revolving around two cousins Fanny and Linda as they navigate their lives and their ultimate decision’s consequences. If you love Bridgeton, especially for the siblings’ bond, this series is for you. This mini-series is inspired by Nancy Mitford’s novel. By this, our list of the 5 shows to watch if you liked Bridgerton comes to an end. Let us know which one was your favorite in the comment section below.