5 Best shows to watch if you liked The Last of Us

The Last of Us Season 2: Expected release date, plotline, recap & more!
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“You Know, As Dangerous As Those Things Are, At Least They’re Predictable. It’s The Normal People That Scare Me.”

A gripping, fascinating journey, The Last of Us is a must-see binge fest! We are pretty sure you all are hereafter re-watching the series. Still, for the kick, let’s discuss The Last of Us without any spoilers. The Last of Us is an intense, gripping series that is set in a post-apocalypse period in which humans are trying to survive in a world crawling with monsters. However, we soon realize the real monsters are within us.

Ellie and Joel are our guides, and their journey is quite inspiring. They get stuck together due to circumstances. However, their bond grows, and they become inseparable. That’s the kind of story you all want just to feel the kick again. Don’t worry, folks, we brought you all a list of the 5 best shows to watch if you liked The Last of Us!

The Walking Dead: Dead City

No. Of Seasons– One

Where to watch– Amazon Prime Video

The Walking Dead: Dead City Official Teaser Trailer | ft. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan

One of the perfect picks to ease your cravings for The Last of Us is The Walking Dead: Dead City, just like Ellie and Joel, who hated each other in the beginning. Maggie and Negan’s partnership is something like that. This series is also set in the post-apocalypse period. It’s one of the spin-offs from The Walking Dead franchise. It revolves around Manhattan’s city, where Maggie is trying to find her kidnapped son with the help of Negan. How are they going to find the kidnapper when the city is crumbling with dead and denizens and has converted the beautiful city into a terror land?

The 100

No. Of Seasons– Seven

Where to watch– The CW

Another epic series that also revolves around the post-apocalypse and survival. The 100 focuses on 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse that made Earth unliveable. However, the space astronauts finally return to Earth to see if it’s still unliveable or not. The 100 is to total several young minds who are sent on earth to survive. They encounter descendants of survivors of the nuclear disaster on the ground, and their story begins.

All of Us Are Dead

No. Of Seasons– One

Where to watch– Netflix

All of Us Are Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s another zombie apocalypse series that’ll have you chewing your nails. All of Us Are Dead revolves around a group of students who are trapped in a school when the virus spreads. With no water or food, they must survive until help arrives. However, when everyone is struggling to be alive, who’s going to help the kids? After watching this series, we can guarantee you they aren’t the one who needs saving. This series is a perfect pick among the 5 best shows to watch if you liked The Last of Us!

The Rain

No. Of Seasons– Three

Where to watch– Netflix

The Rain | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The Frightening Tense series is what you need to find out the numerous types of apocalypse that can occur. Unlike The Last of Us, this series focuses on a virus that is carried by rainfall and has wiped out all humans. The siblings’ duo, Simone and Rasmus, get out of their hiding after six years to find their father. On the path, they meet the other survivors; some form an alliance while others try to stab.

Z Nation

No. Of Seasons– Five

Where to watch– Netflix

Z Nation - Trailer

The last one from our list of the 5 best shows to watch if you liked The Last of Us! Z Nation focuses three years into a zombie apocalypse. Murphy is the only cure to save humanity since he is immune. However, the vaccine is transforming into a hybrid. How is he going to use it to his advantage and save humanity? This series is a watch if you like the zombie apocalypse plotlines. Until then, allow us to keep you entertained!