Top 5 shows to watch on Netflix this week

Top 5 shows to watch on Netflix this week

In this week of love (more like the month of love), we singles need to find a distraction to save ourselves from a couple of viruses! And to stop ourselves from dwelling in a pool of misery, let’s drown ourselves in the sea of series! What’s a better way to distract ourselves than binge-watching Netflix? However, in that ocean of series, we need to find the right one. Don’t worry! We got your back. Below, we have listed the Top 5 shows to watch on Netflix this week of love!

The 90’s show Season 1:

Just because I wrote the week of love doesn’t mean I’ll list only romantic shows. I won’t make my single readers feel that misérable. You know what else can make you less miserable: A comedy teen sitcom! To fill that category, ‘The 90’s show’ is the right fit for you. The show leads back to 1995 summers when the teenage daughter of Eric Forman & Donna Pinciotti spends her summer at her grandparents.

The show is the sequel to The 70’s show where Leia Forman’s parents were the leads. Leia spends her summers in Wisconsin with Red & Kitty. She forms new friendships while her grandmother is doing grocery shopping to feed the kids. After watching the trailer, we can’t stop smiling at how grandpa is complaining while grandma is just laughing around! A perfect mood lifter with lots of doses of laughter.

You Season 4 Part 1:

Don’t feel like laughing? Here’s the show that might be in your best interests. You are a psychological thriller drama which shows a kind and caring Joe, whose polite until he falls in love. He can go to any extent to keep you even if it means murdering you! In 2018, the show premiered its first season and instantly became popular. 

Top 5 shows to watch on Netflix this week

On February 9, You Season 4 got aired on Netflix. The latest season showcases how Joe has moved to London for a fresh start. He starts his new life as a literature Professor Moore. However, one drunken night with his elite students. A body is found at his dining table, and every piece of evidence points out Joe as the murderer even though he’s the one until the real murderer starts stalking him. What will Joe do? Will he be able to get a fresh beginning, or he turn from prey to predator like in old times?

Crash Course in Romance:

Since I said top 5 shows to watch on Netflix this week of love, what’s a better romantic series than the latest K-drama? Crash Course in Romance is a South Korean TV series in which a side dish shop owner navigates her daughter into the cutthroat world of private education when she tries to join the popular math instructor’s class. 

Crash Course in Romance | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

The shop owner and star maths educator get into a bittersweet relationship. While they both face new problems & dig up some old wounds. After watching the trailer, you can hardly stop yourself from watching all eight episodes until new ones come out.

The Snowgirl (Season 1):

The Snow Girls is a story about a little girl who got abducted. While a persistent reporter is hell-bent on helping to girl’s family while dealing with her past trauma. The show is a good one for thriller lovers. It gets emotional for the week of love. 

Top 5 shows to watch on Netflix this week

My Dad is the Bounty Hunter (Season 1):

If I had to choose between an ordinary series or an animated one. I’ll always go with the animated series. Something about it is refreshing at the same time and feels alive. My Dad is the Bounty Hunter is what you need. One of the top 5 shows to watch on Netflix this week. The series revolves around two kids who secretly sneak into their dad’s car when he’s leaving for a work emergency.

Top 5 shows to watch on Netflix this week

To their shock, their father turns out to be a space bounty hunter & now they are floating in space fighting with aliens, & bonding in extreme circumstances. The show is available on Netflix, so update your subscription and laugh like you never did!