5 Tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single

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Be your Valentine!

We would like to break the stereotype that just because you are single doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Honestly, nothing beats more than showering love on yourself and your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be that one person; it can be your friends, parents, or siblings. Valentine’s day is about celebrating love. Generation after generation has misunderstood the concept and created chaos. While we single people criticize Valentine’s day, why not thrive on it? No need to sweat on it; here are 5 Tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single! 

Sulking gets you nowhere, so brace yourself, my single squad. I have some guidance for you all. I promise that the unworthiness or self-loathing feeling you are developing right now, replaced by happy ones if you follow them. If you think I can’t relate to you, that’s a mistake! Being single for me is like breathing the air peacefully and constantly. Follow these 5 tips to celebrate Valentine’s day if you are single, and you’ll know how soothing it can be! 

Announce it as a self-care day:

Scientifically proven that nothing beats better than pampering yourself all day! Whenever we feel dull, people often say to take a day off, what they meant to say was, “forget about the world and draw that bubble bath to relax.”

Since Valentine’s day is about love, what’s a better way to celebrate it than announcing it as a self-care day? So put on that mask, draw that bubble bath, take out that expensive wine, and play soft music. Relax and let the worries wash away!

Self-date ideas 

Go out with your single squad:

Nothing better than spending time with your friends. You might think it’ll be torturous to go out on Valentine’s day, but it won’t be when you have your squad. Go out with your friends, make the couples jealous, have fun, and blast the Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodgeor songs on full volume. Give little gifts to your single Gang because valentine’s all about love and its celebration!

Bake a triple-layer chocolate cake:

Desserts heal everything just like they give all the calories. However, calories could sort out through exercise. I don’t think you can celebrate anything without the tradition of cake. It doesn’t have to be a chocolate cake, it can be strawberry or vanilla or mix it up. I know the single squad might turn out lazy in all that baking part, so you can easily order it and savor every inch of it.

valentine day

A day without social media:

Scrolling through social media is the easiest and most absurd way to spoil your mood. It’s filled with romantic surprise date reels, quotes, or couples’ getaway stories.

Everything you don’t want to see will be on it in the highlights. Social media is nothing but an illusion created by half-truths. It can be your biggest mood spoilers because you’ll believe whatever you see or read in that while it won’t be true! So do yourself a favor and add this to your list.

Movie/Series marathon:

 Treat yourself by cutting off the Romance Genre from your list & play some comedy or horror! I’m a big fan of horror movies, so Conjuring, The Nun, or insidious are my go-to movie. To some extent, I like Annabelle too, but nothing beats the It film and its sequel. But if you aren’t a fan of horror, comedy is your getaway. Animated films like Minions, Toy Story, or sitcoms like FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, or The Modern Family, each one of them is my go-to series to boost my mood. 

So we’ve listed to Top 5 tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day for our single squad. We hope you’ll consider them before whining about the whole being single thing. Another piece of advice is that being in a relationship isn’t necessary, but being with the right one is. Till you haven’t met your person, enjoy your singlehood until it lasts! Who knows what’s stored in the future, so make the most of it and love yourself!