Best anime to watch on Netflix this weekend

Best Anime to watch on Netflix this weekend!
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“Weekend is coming and we have another binge-worthy list for you all!”

As the world evolved, our tastes shifted from cartoons to movies or series. Although when those animated characters now got us addicted to the Anime. The Japanese anime we used to watch as kids, Doremon or Ninja Hatori, has now gotten replaced by Naurato or death note. With the growing craze, the variety of Anime widens, supplying several contents on the viewers’ command.

So here we brought the Best Anime to watch on Netflix this weekend! We know that Netflix has created an identity by releasing numerous Anime, so our first choice is that platform. 

Jujutsu Kaisen 

Our list tops with Jujutsu Kaisen, especially due to its recent second season’s first episode release! If you haven’t watched the first season yet, you should! It revolves around Yuji Itadori, a high school student who swallows a rotten finger talisman to protect the sorcerer from a powerful curse. Yuji soon becomes a target when he shows some potential for controlling the curse. Although, he can’t control Ryomen Sukuna every time. With training, he’s doing better than ever, but the group of cursed spirits is attacking the world of Jujutsu Sorcery, and let’s see how they are gonna handle that! 

Black Clover 

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Exclusive Trailer | Netflix Anime

Black Clover is another Japanese anime that will be imprinted in your mind. The series focuses on a young orphan, Asta, and Yuno. Asta can’t utilize mana like everyone else and focuses on increasing his physical strength. On the other hand, Yuno is born with immense magical power and control over the wind. The two went on a journey to become the next wizard king. Both of them have a friendly rivalry and are determined to fulfill their desire. However, it won’t be that easy, right? Black Cover is a fantasy anime that is available on Netflix. By crossing this one, let’s move ahead to our next topic from the list of Best Anime to watch on Netflix this weekend! 

Demon Slayer 

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba -To the Swordsmith Village Trailer #1 (2023)

Another mind-blowing anime that you can’t miss out on! Demon Slayer is a Dark fantasy, adventurous anime which focuses on a young boy Tanjiro Kamado, whose family gets attacked by a demon in which his little sister, Nezuko is transformed into a demon although she’s the first demon to show some humanity. Demon Slayer revolves around them and the Corps, who help them to defeat the demon king & free everyone. The series has four seasons, and you can easily stream them on Netflix. 

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

Hell's Paradise - Official Trailer (Dubbed)

If you haven’t picked anyone from the list of Best Anime to watch on Netflix this weekend, then this one is your pick! Hell Paradise: Jigokuraku is a Japanese action dark psychological thriller anime written by Yuji Kaku. It revolves around Gabimaru, who seems to be un-killable. His reason for immortality is due to his love for his wife, which keeps him alive. He’s offered a chance to walk out seven pardoned from his crimes if he finds the elixir of life on a legendary real. However, this trip isn’t going to be easy since there isn’t any guarantee that he’ll make it out alive. 

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War - Official Trailer 2 (2022) Johnny Yong Bosch, Michelle Ruff

It is an adventurous supernatural Japanese anime that focuses on Ichigo Kurosaki, a Soul Reaper, when Rukia risks her life to protect him from a Hallow. In the journey, they find their classmates who are supernatural. While all this happened in the Bleach anime, Thousands Year Blood War is a sequel of it in which Soul Reapers are guardians after the Hollow disappeared from the human world, although that’s not true! Watch this series on Netflix, and with this, our list of Best Anime to watch on Netflix this weekend comes to an end. Do let us know which one you liked the most in the comment section below.