BLACKPINK members leave fans excited as they release new poster for Pink Venom

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK members are back in the news, and the reasons are obvious. Now, the group awaits the return of their track Pink Venom, and so do their fans. On August 19, 2022, the girl group released yet another new poster for the upcoming pre-release track. On August 17, 2022, YG Entertainment, the agency associated with the group, released the ‘D-1’ poster of Pink Venom while counting the track’s upcoming release. The new poster also features the BLACKPINK members Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo. All of them are seen posing in chic outfits embellished with colorful patterns.

Check out the teaser poster below.

MV teaser for Pink Venom

Earlier, YG Entertainment released a teaser for the official music video of Pink Venom on August 17, 2022. Although the video is hardly 23 seconds short, the fans surely got their ears and eyes opened with its amazing visual beauty. Moreover, the song snippets also give us an idea of the upcoming music video’s scale, with reportedly the highest production cost in YG’s history.

Pink Venom release date

For the unversed, Pink Venom is all set to get released on August 19, 2022. Fans already witnessed amazing symbolic images in the MV teaser that include a giant pendulum clock and a raging sandstorm during the introduction. Then we get to witness the hands playing the traditional Korean instrument, the Geomungo, and the alternative appearance of figures wearing black clothes. All the elements create a mysterious and majestic environment in the video. Moreover, we also get to hear a mysterious voice saying BLACKPINK in the background, which raises our curiosity. Afterward, we get to listen to the lyrics sung by the members that read, “I bring the pain like” which has stimulated the curiosity of fans on a larger scale.

BLACKPINK’s campaign

Prior to Pink Venom’s release, the BLACKPINK members also announced an amazing campaign to commemorate the pre-release single. The said campaign is titled Light Up The Pink and will witness multiple major city landmarks turning pink to mark the K-pop girl group’s comeback. The places include Santa Monica Pacific Wheel in Los Angeles, N Seoul Tower in Seoul, Sinar Mas Plaza in Shanghai, Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, and more!

Check out the poster for the campaign below.

2022 MTV VMAs

Meanwhile, the BLACKPINK members are also gearing up to perform live at the 2022 MTV MVAs on August 28, 2022. So, they will become the first-ever K-pop girl group to perform at the grand event. YG Entertainment stated while announcing the same, “Considering the history of MTV VMAs, one can see BLACKPINK’s strong global influence and current status.”