BTS’ Jimin gets trolled after posting a teary-eyed Instagram reel

BTS's Jimin got trolled after posting a teary Insta reel!
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“BTS’s Jimin recent teary video, was it all acting? Keep scrolling to learn the truth!”

We can list several things for which Korean culture is so popular. However, no matter how many analyses we do or how many surveys we take one of the most popular reasons is K-pop or more, specifically BTS. The popular k-pop band BTS considers eight boys who have stolen hundreds, or we can say, thousands of hearts. After the recent activity of BTS members like Jungkook leaving Instagram made us a little bit sad. Thanks to Jimin for giving us something to laugh about. BTS’s Jimin’s recent Instagram post had us for a minute until the truth got revealed.

BTS’s Jimin recently posted an Instagram reel in which he shared a short clip of him covering his mouth with tears in his eyes. Later he showed his food, Ramen and fried chicken. Look like someone ate too much spice, right? Well, we were worried about our star until Jimin’s soulmate, V spoke and commented, “kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I was going to post it, but on your birthday.”


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If we observe, Jimin posted the video under the hashtag of J-hope, on the street, chicken, ramen, and artificial tears. Well, now we can agree on how good his acting is! Minutes later J-Hope commented,” kkkkkkk, You put this up?” Further fans wrote, “He is going to be a good actor. I can see the future, lol. Also, we finally saw his wall and table.” Another comment read, “Handing Jimin his Oscar after he scared me.” “Next time someone says ARMYs are dramatic, imma show them this,” someone else added.

Jimin also added J-Hope’s latest song in the background, “On the street”. One can say it’s publicity, or one can see the love they share between themselves. BTS, a Korean boy band has stolen countless hearts from all over the world. So it’s natural for fans to feel this worried after BTS’s Jimin viral teary video. However, we can gradually conclude that Jimin pranked us, by us, we mean more than 30 million viewers who have watched the post. To conclude, BTS’s Jimin viral video was to show how good Jimin’s acting skills are!