Chicago Fire Season 12: Will Brett Dalton return?

Chicago Fire season 12: Will Brett Dalton return?

“A Hero’s Not Somebody Who’s Unafraid, It’s The Guy Who’s Scared And Does What’s Right Anyway.”

Chicago Fire is an epic show, and after the cliffhanger kinda ending of season 11, we pretty show the upcoming season is going to be a blast before we start talking about the finale. Those who haven’t watched it yet, spoiler alert. In the Chicago Fire season 11 finale, we saw Mouch has been defeated because he got shot and is bleeding out.

Luckily, the crew saved him, and now he’s recovering. On the other hand, Stella is being paranoid regarding her husband, and that’s why she’s set on the journey to bring him back. Despite all this chaotic drama, we also found a new love angle bumbling up while someone is quite happy! There’s no way to deny that we love Chicago Fire cast and their characters. It hurts so bad when one of those characters meets an unfortunate event or a cast member leaves. Fandom is dealing with the same kind of dilemma as Brett Dalton.

Chicago Fire season 12: Will Brett Dalton return?

Fans are asking if Brett will return in Chicago Fire Season 12 with the rest of the cast members. To find an answer to these inquiries, stay with us till the end!

Will Brett Dalton return in Chicago Fire Season 12?

Before we start digging further to get all hyped up, let’s take a moment to appreciate the crew who made the series possible. All thanks to Derek Haas and Michael Brandt for creating the show. Also, thanks to the amazing cast and NBC for sticking since the beginning. Now getting back to our main inquiry, is Brett Dalton coming back in Chicago Fire Season 12?

Chicago Fire season 12: Will Brett Dalton return?

Brett Dalton, who played the role of Jason Pelham, was a fun-loving character that fans adored. Jason debuted in the tenth season of the series. Mostly his character was introduced to cover up Jesse Spencer’s absence. He was introduced as a Veteran firefighter who proved his worth in such a short span. Even though he was entitled as a floater, he stayed temporarily, due to which he seemed like he was hiding something. However, that misunderstanding was soon cleared when he revealed his action to protect his friend cost him his career.

Chicago Fire season 12: Will Brett Dalton return?

Later he got transferred to another station as Lieutenant, which meant him leaving Firehouse 51. He doesn’t want to leave, but why did he? During his final episode, he revealed that he left Firehouse 51 so that Stella could take his place. Selfless much? That is one of the reasons why we loved this character so much.  It seems like. After his guest appearance in the eleventh season, fans want a full-time show in Chicago Fire Season 12.

Chicago Fire season 12: Will Brett Dalton return?

Jason’s return is still not decided by the creators. Although he is alive and well, meaning they can’t cut the character off permanently. Maybe due to Severide absence, Jason might come back to the world of Firehouse 51! His guest appearance in the previous season surely raises the possibilities, and we fans are just waiting for an official announcement. Since Taylor won’t be returning anytime soon because he took temporary leave, Jason’s return door is surely open. While this all sounds so tempting, the real-life situation is a little bit more complicated than the reel world.


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The agreement works from both sides, so if creators find Jason’s return entertaining, bringing Brett Dalton back with the cast could be tough since he’s currently working on a new show on NBC, which is, ‘Found‘. There might have a tiny bit of chance if the actor agrees to jiggle in between the shows. However, Found is a successful show, and Brett is one of the key cast. So as we said above, Brett Dalton’s return in Chicago Fire Season 12 is possible but as a guest character or recurring one. His return as the main character is quite difficult.

Chicago Fire season 12: Will Brett Dalton return?

Until the official announcement is made, keep your hopes up and allow us to keep you all updated with the latest news.