City on Fire Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

City on Fire season 2 Is it Renewed or Cancelled 5

 “You couldn’t trust people to be tomorrow what they had been yesterday.”

Bookworms gather around. City on Fire is another book adaptation series that you might like! Just like the novel, the series also follows the investigation of a Central Park shooting that took place on New Year’s Eve in 1970. The person who got shot is named Sam, and after the investigation started, people’s connection started this closing.

However, Sam’s friends were determined to find the shooter. Several names came up, unexpected connections were made, terrorist attacks got involved, gunfire, terror, and blackout. In short, the series is a bundle of dark, gripping thrillers. This could be one of the reasons why City on Fire earned a name for itself. Fandom is continuously asking about the second installment, and Apple TV+ doesn’t seem to be taking that action anytime soon. So let’s go ahead and reveal whether City on Fire Season 2 is renewed or canceled.

City on Fire season 2: Is it Renewed or cancelled?

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Is City on Fire season 2 renewed or canceled?

Before we start digging further to find out about City on Fire season 2, let’s take a moment to appreciate the crew who made the show possible. All thanks to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for creating the series and Garth Risk Hallberg for writing the novel on which the show is based. Now, getting back to the main issue.

City on Fire season 2: Is it Renewed or cancelled?

Apple TV+ has canceled the City on Fire season 2. All the fans who are mourning right now, we hear you! If we look at the history of the series, we’ll know that Josh and Stepney first decided to adapt the novel in 2021, after which 8 8-episode TV series was a finalist. After much effort and casting, the show finally came out on May 21, 2023. As much love as the novel received from the audience, unfortunately, the TV series wasn’t able to achieve it. With a 33% approval rating, the show mainly remains in mixed on average reviews.

City on Fire season 2: Is it Renewed or cancelled?

This could be one of the reasons why the show has been canceled; in simple words, it won’t be getting renewed. However, we don’t know the full story behind it. So, let’s list down my predictions on why Apple TV decided to cancel the show.

Why City on Fire season 2 got canceled?

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage indeed have a history of running long TV series like Gossip Girls. And it’s also true that City on Fire was titled as a drama series, not with limited or mini-titles in between. So the hopes of having another season were so on the table, especially with such an amazing crew. However, everything blew back when Apple TV+ canceled City on Fire season 2. Apple TV+ hasn’t had a good record of renewing a show, and with this, it become true.

City on Fire season 2: Is it Renewed or cancelled?

Unfortunately, the reason behind its cancellation is the ratings. The show hasn’t done well despite being an adaptation of a best-selling novel. As said above, the show has a 39% approval rating with a 6.2/10 IMDb rating. The story is, without any doubt, a powerful, suspenseful one. However, its delivery wasn’t done that well. Another reason is the ongoing strikes in the Hollywood entertainment industry that have halted production houses’ work.

City On Fire — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The writers’ strike, which began in May 2023, and the actors’ strike, which began in July 2023, have not come to an end yet since none of their demands have been met, due to which other scripted shows have also been canceled. Apple TV+ without a good history of renewing the show, especially a series whose viewership isn’t that good either. Hopefully, these were enough reasons to make you all understand why we won’t be getting City on Fire season 2. Keep up with our site to learn all the latest news beforehand.