Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Date Estimate: When could the next season release?

Cobra Kai Season 6
Credits: NETFLIX

“Two Cobras in the Jungle. One kills the strongest lion the other kills a crippled monkey. Which cobra do you want to be?”

There are several police procedural shows or military-based shows getting famous while the authentic action lost its way behind those effects and fake scenes. Lucky for us, Cobra Kai is the original action series we need. After the release of The Karate Kid movie in 1984, fans have wanted to watch a few fictional characters back on the screen. Despite their difference, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence lead their show, Cobra Kai.

While the series has launched five seasons today, fans are raising questions regarding the sixth installment. Let’s dig further to learn about Cobra Kai Season 6 Release date and more! 


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Before we get down to business, let’s revise what has happened to date in the series. Cobra Kai is an American martial arts comedy TV series, thanks to Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz. The first two seasons got launched on Youtube prime until Netflix gave the series a chance. On January 2021, Cobra Kai released its third season on Netflix followed by the other two seasons. After the end of the fifth season, we are eagerly waiting for Cobra Kai Season 6 release date!

Is Cobra Kai Season 6 renewed?

While Daniel and Johnny finally joined hands to bring Cobra Kai down, which is run by Silver now. They did frame Kreese for attempted murder, but by the end, we saw how Kreese faked his death to escape prison. In the end, Terry Silver got arrested for his offenses. However, we still need a new chief for Cobra Kai. All of that can only be revealed in the sixth installment & we hope that it’ll be soon. Although the happy news is Cobra Kai Season 6 is renewed! 

Till now, the series has given us outstanding scenes apart from all the emotional ones. With all the tricks & techniques, Cobra Kai got renewed for season 6 on January 20, 2023. We know that the cast won’t be resting anytime soon, considering ‘how dramatic the announcement is. The only sad news is the sixth installment of the series will be the last season of Cobra Kai. The end of a remarkable series is almost here, but before that, let’s get ready for one more fight, shall we?

When can we expect the release of Cobra Kai Season 6?

From the looks of it, Daniel LaRusso ad Johnny Lawrence is gonna be back for one last fight. Netflix called the upcoming installment the biggest…the baddest season of the whole series. While the creator, Jos Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, have given their regards,” Reacquainting the world with ‘The Karate Kid’ universe has been our humble honor. Making Cobra Kai has allowed us to join the same hallowed dojo once inhabited by the great Robert Mark Kamen, John Avildsen, Jerry Weintraub, and all the amazing original cast. It has also enabled us to play Sensei, expanding the original storylines and bringing a new generation of underdogs.

Cobra Kai | Season 6 Announcement | Netflix

We’ve never once taken this opportunity for granted. Our Day one goal with Cobra Kai has always been to end it on our terms, leaving the Valley in the time and place we’ve always imagined. So, it is with immense pride & thankfulness that we can announce that achievement.”

After the renewal of the sixth season, we know that writers have set down for the script in mid-February 2023. The rumors are wild, according to which they foresee starting filming the latest season on May 2023. Since Netflix has launched three seasons in a short period we believe we aren’t far away from the next season too. If all goes well, we can expect Cobra Kai Season 6 at the end of 2023.