Dear Edward Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Dear Edward Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?

“There’s no formula to healing, there’s no magic bullet. We will come out of this, but we won’t come out of it unscathed.”

When a 12 years old boy becomes the lone survivor of a plane crash. He unexpectedly welcomes a lot of people’s sympathy and attention, curious to know more. Dear Edward is an American drama based on the novel of the same name written by Ann Napolitano.

The series’ first came on February 3, 2023, on Apple TV+. And since then, people are wondering when they will be lucky enough to have it in the season. Since the series have a normal basics story that got hyped by the audience even with an approval rating of 55% we know fans are extremely craving another season. To give a full stop on that, we here Bring you crucial information regarding Dear Edward Season 2.

Is Dear Edward Season 2 renewed or canceled?

Unfortunately, we don’t have very appealing news. Dear Edward season 2 is canceled, meaning it won’t be getting a renewal. After the finale of the series Katim told the Hollywood reporter, she expressed how big a fan she is of the show and hoped to hear good news. There could be multiple reasons why the show got cancelled, although the main reason remains the same. There wasn’t as much audience appeal as they thought would be. The storyline is also scribbled while Connie only signed a year’s deal to be a part of the series.

Dear Edward Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?
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Another one of the reasons could be the high cost of production since we know the show was filmed in New York, the cost of doing that is not cheap. The fandom is sad, of course, after learning about the cancellation. Variety TV critic Dan D’Addario called “Dear Edward” a “bit of a mess — a jumble of semi-intersecting characters whom we meet for long enough to learn more detail about their lives than is strictly necessary, but who blink out of focus when it comes to holding our sympathy.


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Based on Ann Napolitano’s bestseller, ‘Dear Edward’ has a novelist’s ambition but not the requisite gift for structure. As such, it becomes a punishing sit, with promised catharsis lying perpetually out of reach.” It might be true, but sometimes novel plots converted into movies aren’t the best decisions. You have to trim the novel according to movie requirements. Dear Edward Season 2 isn’t going to be produced, However, the writers are determined to bring a similar storyline in a new form of series. 

Dear Edward Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?

Dear Edward’s show is an emotional roller coaster, centred on a young boy named Edward, who is the sole survivor of a horrific airline disaster that killed both his parents and his older brother. The show focuses on the family and friends of the deceased passengers of the plane crash, & how they learn to cope with the aftermath. We don’t understand the low rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it is a great show! Most of the fans have reviewed the series, praising how the music was spot-on or how beautiful the cinematography was.

Dear Edward Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled? 

Everything about the show has captured every emotion of the audience, making it extremely hard not to cry. How Edward found the letter of the people who lost their special ones and how everyone in therapy is healing. We often mourn for the lost one while the most broken people are still alive barely. Dear Edward has shown the ugly reality & now fans are broken after hearing the recent news. As said above, Dear Edward Season 2 might not be happening, but we have hope from Jason Katims will create another superb show soon!