Good Omens Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Good Omens season 3 what you need to know

“Angels are like bees. Fiercely protective of their hive if you’re trying to get inside. Once you’re in, well, then. Is it even faintly possible that an unauthorized demon might be just wandering around in Heaven unescorted?”

It’s no wonder that the fans are spiraling about this series. It’s one of the best combos, Angel and Devil! The forbidden duo has kept us on our toes, and now that we have gotten a hint for this series taking a romantic turn, we’ll consider our excitement doubled! So what’s stopping us from getting Good Omens Season 3, and how long until we meet our favorite couple again?


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What are the possibilities of Good Omens Season 3 getting renewed?

Before we start digging further to find out some answers, let’s take a moment to appreciate the crew who made the series possible. All thanks to Neil Gaiman for creating the series and writing the novel with Terry Pratchett, on which the show is based. We shouldn’t forget about John Finnemore, the writer, and other cast members who made their roles stand out. Now we are good to discuss the issue, Good Omens Season 3.

Good Omens season 3: what you need to know!

It’s ideal to discuss the renewal status first before jumping on to guess the release date. Unfortunately, Good Omens Season 3 hasn’t been renewed yet officially, although Neil Gaiman has already discussed the possibility of the third season being the series finale. Amazon is also busy with the ongoing strikes in the Hollywood entertainment industry to pay attention to making renewal decisions. While things might not be looking positive, we can assure you the third season is in the basket for us.


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Certainly, there is lots of adventure stored for our angel and demon duo, which is hinted at by Neil Gaiman. He even cautioned fans that the best thing they can do to ensure that the series gets a third Season is to watch the second. He also said that Good Omens Season 3 is planned and plotted, so when and if Amazon does order a new season, Gaiman will be ready. However, Prime is keeping a close eye on the viewership before making any major decision. That’s why Neil wants us to keep the numbers high!

When to expect Good Omens Season 3 to air?

Since the series hasn’t gotten renewed yet, it seems like a long shot. However, it’s our pleasure to predict the release date! Let’s start with some history lessons. The first season aired its first episode on January 15, 2020, in the UK, while it originally got out on May 31, 2019. Similarly, the second season got out on July 28, 2023, while the UK release dates haven’t been decided yet.

Good Omens season 3: what you need to know!
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So we can easily believe the show has no intentions of making any entrance in 2023 or in the first half of 2024. Unfortunately, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have caused unwanted damages and delays. Good Omens Season 3 is anticipated to air its episodes somewhere in 2025. It’s a logical prediction if you have read how intense the strikes are. Neil has already hinted how his work has been on hold since the writers’ strike and wishes the settlement to be done.

Will the series end with Good Omens Season 3?

Since we all should be focused on the third installment, we can’t deny the fans’ curiosity for the fourth season too. Unfortunately, for those who have high expectations for a long-running future, we advise you to rethink it. According to Neil Gaiman, Good Omens Season 3 is going to be the series finale. It might not be officially announced yet, but don’t let your expectations reach too high that it’ll hurt more when it’s not met.

Currently, the Strikes have taken all the attention, so production houses are paying hardly any attention. As soon as the common ground is found, we’ll be on a fast track to keep up with the news. Until then, let’s keep the hype alive for Good Omens Season 3!