Grown-ish Season 6: Is it renewed or canceled?

Grown-ish Season 6: Is the series renewed for sixth season?
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“Okay, look, I know I’m not all emotionally available or able to experience empathy like Zoey, but I can pretend to give a shit for
a few minutes.”

Zoey’s discovering adulthood while stepping into the real world i.e, college. The series revolves around her and her friends, struggling to cope with college life and trying to live up to their parent’s expectations. Grown-ish is an American teen sitcom comedy series created by Kenya Barris and Larry Wilmore. In all four seasons, we have followed Zoey’s life of graduation & now, she’s finally in post-graduation! But in the fifth season, things took a turn & we welcomed the younger brother of Zoey, Andre Junior Johnson. Since then, fans have been dying to watch the problematic duo of Zoey and Andre while their only hope to fulfill their desire is from Grown-ish Season 6.

Grown-ish Season 6: Is the series renewed for sixth season?
Credits: Instagram

Throughout the series, Zoey and her group of friends, including Luca Hall, played by Trevor Jackson, Ana Torres, played by Francia Raisa, Nomi Segal, played by Emily Arlook, Aaron Jackson, played by Trevor Jackson, twins Jazlyn played by Chloe Bailey, and Skyler Forster played by Halle Bailey face various college-related issues, such as relationships, drugs, social justice, mental health, and identity. Grown-ish has also addressed social issues & funnily raised awareness. Hopefully, Grown-ish Season 6 will also follow the same path. 

Is Grown-ish Season 6 renewed?

Since the last episode got aired recently, on March 15, 2023, fans have been acting like curious cats to learn about the renewal of the sixth season. I think we were so involved in the fifth season, we overlooked the news regarding the renewal of Grown-ish Season 6. In January 2023, when we were busy watching the fifth season’s second part, the news regarding the sixth season already got out! To be more specific on January 11, 2023, freeform announced the renewal of the sixth season, while Grown-ish’s official Twitter account re-tweeted the Essence news on January 12, 2023. 

Grown-ish is the spin-off of ABC’s Black-ish. Since the fifth episode ended recently, we don’t know when it is set to air. Since Junior refuses to live under her sister’s shadow, we watched in the second part of the fifth season how his goal to become the big man on campus, involves an empty bank balance and a potential STI. Hopefully, we get to watch all of our favorite cast while including the new gang of Junior circle.

What to expect from Grown-ish Season 6?

Since the fifth season ended on March 15, 2023, fans have a rough idea about what to expect further. All of these are just assumptions based on the end of Season 5. We are hopeful to watch Vivek & Ana make it work, while we want to watch Junior & Annika’s relationship after making it official and breaking up on the same day. Junior fear moving too fast with Annika, and both have a nasty discussion. In the end, Junior is left alone in the hallway. We believe the story of the pair isn’t finished and might play a big part in Grown-ish Season 6. Let us know what you all expect from Grown-ish Season 6 in the comment section!