How long is The Last Of Us Episode 6?

How long is The Last Of Us Episode 6? What's the grudge between Joel and his brother?

After devasting episode five ends, fans are waiting to watch how our duo is coping. The famous HBO’s adaption of The Last of Us video game has given us more thrill than ever in any other show. The Last of Us is a total sum up of all the emotions we run from, fear, sadness, guilt, and a pinch of happiness. The famous Game of Thrones ex-cast members has owned the show since they stepped in. Now, after the release of the fifth episode, everyone is waiting for Episode 6. So keep reading to know all about the upcoming episode. Also, How long is The Last of Us Episode 6?

With 223 million minutes of viewership from US subscribers, we can assume how much more viewership is from overall the world. The Last of Us has marked its mark from the start. After the emotional turmoil from episode 5, fans haven’t recovered from it. With the superb acting of Pedro Pascal, the Chilean-born American actor famous for his role as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones & Bella Ramsey, an English actor famous for her role as Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones, the show has raised its standards.

How long is The Last Of Us Episode 6? What's the grudge between Joel and his brother?

The other guest cast we can expect in Episode 6 is Gabriel Luna, an American actor/producer famous for his roles in Ghost rider and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He’s to play the role of Joel’s brother, Tommy. On the other side, skilled actors like Nico Parker, John Hannah, Merle Dandridge, Josh Brener, Murray Bartlett, and Nick Offerman gave fantastic performances in the show. In the overall period of the episodes, not we are wondering how long is The Last of Us Episode 6.

How long is the Last of Us Episode 6?

The Last of Us is the American post-apocalyptic tv series that gained popularity after it got aired on January 15, 2023. Since then, five episodes have been released while we wait for the next installment. Episode 6 release is scheduled on February 19, i.e, Sunday. After the emotional heart attack we got at the end of episode 5, we fans are mentally prepared for the next episode. But how long do we need to be prepared? How long is The Last of Us episode 6? 

Episode 6 Preview | The Last of Us | Max

 Unlike the previous episodes, we expect it to be 60 minutes long. A whole hour in the world of The Last of Us. Worth the wait! Within a few days, we’ll witness Ellie struggle after Sam’s death and Henry’s suicide. As soon as the season’s finale is coming, each upcoming episode is becoming harder on our emotional health than before. So, renew your HBO Max subscription or Disney+Hotstar before February 19. 

What’s the Grudge between Joel and his brother?

There are numerous questions regarding the brother’s relationship with each other. Questions like ‘Why Tommy is not living with Joel in Boston?’ ‘What happened between them?’ ‘What happened to Tommy?’ What could assume after watching the Episode 6 preview is that Joel’s emotional meeting with his brother might make our eyes blur. 

How long is The Last Of Us Episode 6? What's the grudge between Joel and his brother?

We also saw Tommy end up in the town of Jackson, Wyoming. It’s believed that Tommy fell in love with a woman named Maria and eventually got married. Joel hunts for his brother after he’s unable to get any response. We can assume from how Joel became a smuggler and how tough he is. He must have had a do-or-die situation beginning after the apocalyptic. Tommy complains to Joel about how he killed people while Joel defends himself by clearing the air about how he did that to protect both of them. We believe that Tommy’s grudge against Joel will ease off in episode 6 while both the brothers might reconcile.